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Default Re: Atheist fallacies - 02-15-2013, 09:55 PM

Originally Posted by Truth I Seek View Post
Wrong, only factual evidence count because they can be verified. Faith related evidences cannot so they do not count.

If I claim I have a ring in my pocket you may believe it or not, it's a question of faith and while it is in my pocket it cannot be verified.

If I take the ring off my pocket it can be verified and it's a factual proof.
Yet you put your faith in scientists and what you hear on the TV, even though all it would take is a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) of research to discover that it's all educated guesses and mathematical proofs with no "factual evidence" at all.

But hey, since I noticed you ignored my post, you've proven to me that you have no interest in anything that doesn't fit in your preconceived notions of the world.

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