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Unhappy Re: Minecraft: Makes children sex slaves and destroys our economy! - 04-26-2013, 12:27 AM

Hello everyone!
I'm new to this site, and I actually thought it was a good old-time values site!...
Until I found this post...
Listen, Minecraft is not evil in any way! It actually teaches our children to be creative and to express themselves! Now, granted, expressing yourself isn't ALWAYS good. Smearing blood over a brick wall isn't exactly the best way to advertise...
But when I say express, I mean it helps them show how they think! If the child builds a simple brick or cobblestone building, it shows they're not the most creative and enjoy a simple life with the basic essentials. Building a massive stone castle will show they're most likely very creative and have a want for more sophisticated things!
Now, I'm not going to go hoogldy-boogly all over creation finding an example to show you, but, do I really have to?
Look at that pig in the very first picture! I mean, just LOOK at him! He's adorable in my opinion. He's like a big pink waffle. I also don't believe this shows how an evolutionist's view-point is. If you play the game and farmiliarize yourself with the controls and the basic premise of it (and there isn't one) You'll come to find out that this game revolves around one thing and one thing only
Or, if you can't read it, it says Building Blocks!
Wouldn't it make sense of a square pig in a square world? I don't think that expresses how evolutionists will, uh, whatever you said. Take over the world and genetically manipulate animals? Listen, I don't think gamma radiation has the power to make me a square...
Also, If I'm not mistaken, Notch and the others aren't atheist. Well, I think Nathan might be, but that doesn't mean they're ALL bad!
I just want this thread to die, but to die in the way that everyone accepts that this guy doesn't know jack about the game, and probably found 7 images, pasted them on here and took the pessimistic view-point of everything relating to sex.
He's either a smart-ass, a jack-ass, or a dumb-ass. Either way, he doesn't know what he's saying.
I got a bit rude on the last one there, sorry. But seriously, play the game for, what, 15 minutes? Then just show your progress in a YouTube video or something along those lines! I garuntee you'll love it!
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