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Default More Idol Worship from Bolivian President - 04-24-2010, 02:06 AM

Did you hear about this?

"Bolivian president creates 'Mother Earth Ministry'

The Associated Press
1:03 p.m. Friday, April 23, 2010 TIQUIPAYA, Bolivia Bolivia's president says he is creating a "Mother Earth Ministry" to promote the planet's rights and says that he would like to establish an international court with the power to punish nations that fail to obey emissions-reduction agreements.
The court of "climate justice" would be located in Cochabama, the central city where President Evo Morales recently hosted a three-day climate-change conference. It was attended by environmentalists, Indian communities and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
Morales revealed the plans Friday as he launched a campaign to plant 10 million trees equal to Bolivia's population by April 22, 2011. He did not say what he would do to garner other nations' support for the climate justice court."

Once again GODLESS communists are forcing us into a worship of something that God Almighty has created!! And what exact socialistic monster of the anti-christ is this international court to punish nations?!?!?

The time is ripe for Jesus to call the righteous home!!!

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