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Default Re: WARNING: World of Warcraft Game Causes Demon Possession! - 07-19-2009, 10:05 PM

I am a Christian and have been saved since I was 15. I firmly believe there is no compromise with the word of God. However, that being said we all have to remember the times we live in. While those videos sure are disturbing, to make a generalization about video games is also disturbing. While Christians should never adapt God's teachings, they DO need to adapt to the times. I play video games as my form of entertainment, however I do NOT place it over God, family, or my friends. As technology has progressed, and continues to progress, there will be those to see it as Satan's influence. I see it as the product of people, God's creation. Let's not forget where we are coming from here. Let's also not forget, that while we are on a Christian forum, even in private we must be witnesses to God and his word. To say that non-Christians are not welcome here, as I have seen posted in other threads, sounds of elitism and would only benefit Satan. Why do I say this? Christianity is not a private society where a select few can join, anyone can come to know the love of Christ, and to act like a bunch of hooligans to anyone with a differing opinion only serves to defeat our purpose on this Earth. Which is, ultimately, to be witnesses to Christ. Let's not listen to Satan ourselves, and fight back at people who wish to fight with us. It is only Satan's provocation and to fight back is to give in to Satan.

Let's ponder on that for a while...
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