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Default Re: Negroidial Appreciation Celebration - 07-03-2007, 01:06 AM

Originally Posted by Virginia D. Templeton View Post
Brother Remy already discussed the white Egyptians' contributions to civilization. Do you have anything to say about actual negroidials, Goatboy?
It is EXTREMELY racist of you to take the contributions of the African Negroids and give them to whites seeing that the negroid culture existed before the semitic aryans(read: Semetic Persians, not "whites") peoples of Mesopotamia moved into the upper Egypt region and copied their culture from the pre-existed Kushites. When we have a white appreciation thread then maybe you can find something good that white contributed. Egypt's roots are in Kush. The idea of some pale faced nordic with skin that is red, blistering, peeling, and painful to the touch deciding to settle down in hot sunny Egypt is ridiculous. Egypt had a multiracial population including Asians, Brown Indians, Negroids, and Caucasians(think persians). Greeks visitors came later on after the infrastructure (buildings with shade) were already built.

Do not whites have enough contributions to the world under their belts to not have to claim the accomplishments of African Negroids as their own? Well, more specifically, don't GREEKS, and later ROMANS, have enough contributions to the world under their belts? After all, the blonde haired blue eyed people along with other dark haired whites would still be painting their faces, wearing animal hides, living in mud huts, and howling at the moon if the civilizations of the Italian peninsula region didn't FORCE them to give up their pagan ways at the edge of the sword.
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