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Default Re: Oblivion: Video Game Promoting WITCHCRAFT, SATANISM, & POLYTH - 06-27-2009, 04:38 AM

That's why it's a videogame.

The elves don't look like demons, they look like short people with different ears. You know who else thought that anyone who looked different should be put to death? Hitler. You're all a bunch of nazis.

And magic is just a method of explaining a core game element. As a game designer, randomly being able to do such things without reasonable explanation makes the game significantly less fun, as it's much harder to feel like you're actually in the game world.

Games like this don't promote worshipping satan. My Christian fiance is playing it right now, killing vampires with magic, and she much disapproves of me saying how much I hate religion.

You can steal, and while you do get rewarded for it, it's actually for a good cause. You're often tasked with stealing from the corrupt and/or rich and giving it to the desperate poor. The fact that the users of this forum don't do that is honestly kind of shocking. On top of that, if you get caught stealing, you got to jail and have to wait until you're released, which also means you lose many of your hard earned skills. And as icing on the cake, stealing and such gives you negative karma, which means people will be more watchful of you, and will be straight up snotty.

If anything, this game promotes listening to God, otherwise Satan will come straight up from hell and start kicking some ass.

Please, for Christ's sake, PLEASE kill yourselves.
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