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Default Re: A guide to the evolutionist conspiracy - 12-17-2007, 12:40 AM

No i didn't and i apologize.
But in any case, on the tangent of those threads.
I am against people like you, because you hate and you destroy and you kill and you cause pain. All for a book. That you have no proof whatsoever is even true. It sais its true. but beyond that, you can't prove it.
And I personally am against people who hate. I dont hate you, i dont hate any person. But i find it so wrong to control and manipulate the thoughts of other people, and to teach hate for other people who are different then you.
Why do you believe in such a terrible thing? Why kill? Why hate?
So on that tangent, im here because i think the way you act on your beliefs is wrong, your beliefs have the right to exist, but they do not have the right to harm people.

Open your mind and heart
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