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Default Re: Atheist fallacies - 02-06-2013, 08:16 PM

Originally Posted by WalkingInTheLight View Post
Excellent post!

The last trend irritates me to no end. I get so sick of hearing, "If I was God I wouldn't want people to be afraid of me", or, "If I was God I wouldn't have bothered giving people free will". Really, why on Earth would I CARE what a godless atheist would do in God's shoes?!

And they don't seem to understand the fact that THEY'RE NOT GOD! I know their mommies all told them they're very special all their life, but seriously, their not that "special"

Anyway, I think 'mommy' usually meant 'special' as in, you go to a 'special' school because you need a 'special' education.

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