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Default The Christian Private Eye - 02-01-2018, 12:37 PM

Last night, I went to the Des Moines Marriott Hotel on Grand Avenue to attend a talk by a most interesting Christian man. The talk was entitled, “God and His Will in a World of Earthly Law.” and as you might expect, the audience was large. The speaker was a fascinating and brilliant gentleman whose name is little known outside a select circle of Christian lawyers but among them, his reputation is immense. Despite this, evidence of his work is all around us. When you marvel at some case of what the media see as “Christians behaving badly” followed by common outrage that the Christian has walked free, it is often Craig Sharpwell whose insight is behind these cases and, were the country to be truly Christian, and if there were more who thought as Mr Sharwell can and does, there not only would be no outrage, there would be curiosity as to why an arrest had been made in the first place.

The talk is in two parts: this evening’s talk is below – it poses a question that leaves the audience with much to discuss. The next will be on the evening of Saturday 3rd and I will publish my report on that talk on Sunday 4th. In the meantime, you will see that Mr Sharpwell raises some most interesting points and left the audience to think in a Christian manner - I hope you will join in and do the same.

“God and His Will in a World of Earthly Law.”

Mr Craig Sharpwell:
“Christians appear in all walks of life and they are a joy to deal with. Myself, I am a private detective and practicing Christian. I operate mainly for the defense and expose the injustices of what is laughingly called “Justice”. Once, it was truly Justice: When the Pilgrim Fathers landed upon our shores, they brought with them Godly justice – the Bible was their Constitution - their judge and President was God.

I give you Romans:12:19 beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

It may appear, as Calvinists might say with fateful determinism, that we should accept such justice exactly as it is handed down – you will be thinking of:
Ti:3:1: Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work,
but that is shallow thinking. What is handed down is earthly, of this world, and imperfect, and it is in that context that we understand and interpret that verse.

Now you may comment, as the ignorant do, “But Heb:13:17: Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.”

But among men, the doctrine is to help thy neighbour , and if “them that have the rule over you” are likely to be led into error, then heed the Lord’s Prayer, “M't:6:13: And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.”

You would not want a magistrate, prince or powerful person to be led astray – into temptation - would you? No – and that is where I come in - I help.

I am here because the people need The Lord. I have observed that the people cry out for His Love and the world of men is evil and dissolute. Even those who are unaware that they need His Mercy become content in His Arms. Some fervently deny the Lord, but it is futile to oppose the Truth. I tell the truth, and if you don’t like it, then it is hard to see how you can love the Lord. If you do not love the Lord, then you are damned and I will wipe my feet of the dust from your house and leave the city and you to perdition. The choice is yours.

Forgive me, I am probably preaching to the converted, [general laughter] so let me get to the point. I was consulted in a case of armed robbery, rape and murder. The lawyer outlined the case, gave me a few documents, photographs, and some video:

The accused, Leroy St James, was addicted to meth. He had a rapsheet as long as your arm and then some. He was 29 and, since the age of 16, he had spent only 2 of those years, in total, outside a penitentiary of some sort. Most of his associates were either dead through overdoses or gun crime, or they were serving long sentences. Leroy himself was estranged from his family. At their refusal to give him money, he had thrown stones and anything else he could lay his hands on at the windows of the house and the vehicles in the driveway. When his parents had come to remonstrate with him, he had screamed more abuse and shouted his disgust for them. The police had been called and the family had taken a court order out to prevent him from being within one mile of their home.

Leroy’s home was one small and filthy room in a condemned building. He possessed nothing of value at all – since the start of his downfall, aged 14, he never had had anything much. On the evening of the crime, Leroy had found some food in a bin at the back of a store and, when he returned to his apartment, it was late at night and he was desperate – he had seen something during the day that had taken his interest. He left and took with him a heavy adjustable wrench that had been in the apartment as long as he could remember. This, he took to a small liquor store.

In the liquor store, he can be clearly seen on CCTV camera 1, in an aisle with a view of the door, spending time apparently choosing a bottle of cheap whiskey, and occasionally glancing around to see who had come or gone from the store. When there were no customers, he went to the counter with his bottle of “Heaven Hill” and when the woman, the daughter of the owner, spoke to him and opened the cash register, she said, “Anything else, tonight?”, he hit her on the head with the wrench. She fell to the floor and Leroy ran round to the cash register. He then struck the prostrate woman a second time.

The CCTV footage from camera 2 shows that the girl was bleeding badly from the head but she appeared to be moving. Also from this camera, it was clear that whatever she was doing motivated Leroy as he can now be seen on camera 1 running to the front of the store, locking the store door and returning. Camera 2 now records what the autopsy showed to be the silent, lonely, rape of the woman. Leroy then left.

The woman was found the next morning and taken to the hospital where 9 days later she died of her head injuries and internal bleeding. Three hours after she was found, Leroy was arrested and taken to the station.

His defense had been at first that he knew nothing, but when bloodstains on his pants were pointed out that defense failed. He then attempted to escape and failed but, in doing so, he gouged out the eye of a police officer who had called him a cheap murderer.

The lawyer looked at me. I met his gaze and nodded. “I don’t think I need to speak with Leroy. The case is clear: Leroy’s arrest is a travesty – we must prevent a Christian judge and jury from falling into grave error. Your client must be released immediately. It is the police who need to formulate a defense to wrongful arrest, wrongful detention, assault, and abuse of power. I suggest that you sue for maximum damages and what Leroy receives in damages will pay your fee and mine and keep Leroy in meth for the rest of his short, brutal and tragic life. There may even be enough time and money to save your client in his fight to evade the clutches of Satan.”

The evidence leading to my conclusion is all there above for you to see but below is the photograph of the liquor store and a photograph of the dead woman. (There is one small thing that I have hinted at but that I have kept from you and that is a test to see how you think.)

You are all Christians and you all know God’s Law. My company’s mission statement is “1Co:6:12: All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”

Bear that in mind as I invite you to demonstrate your credentials; to think the way God wants you to think; to accept His law; to praise Him and follow His Word. I am not asking you to be an apologist for evil – you are not on earth to support Satan. You are under the rule of Yahweh, and He is your staff and comforter. It is to Him you look for guidance to judge in righteous judgement.

I am looking for a Christian as an assistant. A True Christian. On Saturday I will assess your answers and give the infallible Biblical reasoning.

The question is simple: “Why should Leroy now be released?”

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Craig Sharpwell"

“We must reassert that the essence of Christianity is the love of obedience to God’s Laws and that how that complete obedience is used or implemented does not concern us.”

Author of such illuminating essays as,
Map of the Known World; Periodic Table of Elements; The History of Linguistics; The Errors of Wicca; Dolphins and Evolution; The History of Landover (The Apology); Landover and the Civil War; 2000 Racial Slurs.
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