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ReignsBrose is a sorcerer and idolater who follows false gods and will rot in Hell.ReignsBrose is a sorcerer and idolater who follows false gods and will rot in Hell.ReignsBrose is a sorcerer and idolater who follows false gods and will rot in Hell.
Default Re: Playing videogames leads to mass shootings - 01-04-2019, 05:05 AM

Originally Posted by Dennis Lukes View Post
So you're saying that if John Wayne Gacy had used the Internet in his spare time to look up memes and cat videos, and play games, and look at his checking account, he would've gotten caught faster?

Correct! Killing an innocent person is a sin (Exodus 20:13, Deuteronomy 5:17).

Those whom God commands us to kill are NOT innocent because what they have done is so heinous that God commands us to kill them for it. Examples include beastiality performers (Exodus 22:19, Leviticus 20:15-16), homosexuals (Leviticus 20:13), rebellious sons (Deuteronomy 21:18-21), and witches (Exodus 22:18).

And which book would that be, boy? The U.S. Constitution? Amended 27 times over the years, is that not good enough to run a country with? You certainly can't be talking about the KJV 1611 Bible, which was personally dictated by God in its entirety (2 Timothy 3:16). You are correct that any other version of the Bible is indeed "a book that got tampered with over the years" and is therefore blasphemous (Deuteronomy 12:32).

One person who would decide to take an innocent life would be violating Exodus 20:13. While God is willing to forgive this sin (see this thread on Jeffrey Dahmer, because you're so obsessed with serial killing), if Biblical law is applied, the killer wouldn't have much time before he was put to death (Exodus 21:12) and cast into Hell.

Well, as I've already proven using a small number of the many Biblical examples, God IS in favor of the death penalty, and as he is the omnipotent creator of the universe (Genesis 1:1), his opinion is worth infinitely more than yours or mine. "What is that going to solve?" What will following God's commandments solve? Salvation, of course!

Please provide scripture that supports the use of incarceration as a punitive measure.
Did I say they need to be careful? Like, they can't just go and brag about what they did on the internet. I'm not saying they can't get caught, but there is good chance of them getting caught too. How do you think they caught the piece of shit, Peter Scully? The pedophile who made the video Daisy's Destruction? He uploaded it onto the dark web on site of his. Now, he isn't no serial killer, but he has did molest children. He tried to remain anonymous, thinking he was safe on the dark web. But still, in a way he bragged about, showed off what he did.

You can include the people who have sex with animals in there. They are sick. Though, I would let them rot in prison and suffer the consequences of what they did. Homosexuals, people of other religions, shouldn't be. They're not harming anyone. You guys just believe they should be put death because you don't like them and you use the Bible as an excuse to justify your hatred for them.

Oh, and you know exactly which book I'm talking about. The Holy Bible. Yeah, you guys follow an version of it, but you know I like to think that there was one before the one that you guys follow. Who knows what the original Bible was like. Someone was inspired by stuff over the course of a whole lot years to write it and I'm sure there changes made to it by other people as time went on.

There is no need scripture for in this case. What matters is how horrible the crime was. I think letting them rot away and not enjoy and not be free in the outside world is better than sentencing them to death. At least while they're still alive they'll live with what they done and the rest of their life will be meaningless.

Come back to reality
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