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Default Re: Hitting children... "Abuse"? No. Encouragement? Yes. - 02-03-2011, 11:45 PM

YOu can quote the Bible all you wish to, when you manipulate the Word of God to suit your desires as most "christians" do, you will be judged by it by God its not my place to do so.

Almost every single Word from God written in the Bible can be manipulated to suit almost any view and seem Godly, when in fact if you have not been brainwashed into believing it by being drilled it over and over and it becomes the normal, you can see the difference.

I made that ignorant pun about "suffer the little children, come unto me" as an attempt to show what I meant.

When I tread the Bible, I take it as truth, however I do not use the Word of God to justify my personal opinions, which is why I am not quoting the Bible, I could do so, to counter every single word that is written here, the Bible is a huge book.

My main objective is this

God = Love anything else, is not God.

God shows how he deals with the devil through stories of his wrath, he did not do that so that people can have the ok to do it as well, he did it as a warning to those who fail to accept him and continue to sin.

WE are to feed and love our enemies, and failure to do so is as if you are doing that to God himself, I do not see that here, yet your claiming to be a christian and above others.

and since you already know, I love to debate.
Please do not take any offense to my posts, it is only my opinion and its hard for me to say in words exactly how I feel.

I just know I Love the Lord and hate the devil and am far from perfect and will never be able to walk in Jesus's shoes as lots here think they are doing.
Jesus saves and loves all.
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