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Default Re: Eight of the Top Ten Gayest Sports Teams Are Soccer Teams - 09-16-2009, 04:42 PM

Originally Posted by Ezekiel Bathfire View Post
The Romans controled 57% of the known world - at its best the brits only held 23% of the known world.

Alexander The Great was a homer.

The US saved your sorry asses in both World Wars

The World Cup? What World Cup?

Your health service costs nothing and you get what you pay for - does some doctor rub lard on your chest to cure pneumonia and other 3rd world diseases that you suffer from?

You sir are, seemingly, an historical illiterate.

1) In both world wars the USA only entered when they could see who was winning (on the second occasion after being forced to). Yellow livered cowards!

2) Compare 23% of the "known" world, geographically, in the 20th century to 57% in the 1st - Please don't forget you used to be a colony of ours!

3) History would seem to support your view.

4) A cup that involves every nation in the world, unlike your "World Series".

I would throw in a couple of other points, for good measure.

1) The British army used to wear red tunics and the French army used to wear blue.

Why? Because they did not show blood stains and would not affect, negatively, the moral of others in battle.

It would appear that the US forces adopted the same idea by using brown trousers!

2) The British gave to the world the ability to administrate, the French gave great food, the Italians great food and art, the Americans McDonalds!

Enough said!

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