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Default Re: Eight of the Top Ten Gayest Sports Teams Are Soccer Teams - 09-18-2009, 05:36 AM

Originally Posted by Rev. Jim Osborne View Post
I like how you address us as "effeminate", yet you have a very gay sounding name and use homo-friendly French words like "Regardez". We speak American on here. No blabbering foreign mumbo-jumbo.
How racist. And obviously, how homophobic. It's also shocking how you can dismiss a whole country/language as homosexual. Just let the French and the gays get on with it.
As I'm sure you know (as I'm going to weakly assume that you're not completely a head-in-the-sand kind of guy) there is no such language as 'American'. There's a language called 'English', and there's an abomination called 'US English', but 'mumbo-jumbo' hardly features in either. Moreover, dismissing 'foreign' things as 'mumbo-jumbo' is hardly tolerant now, is it?

You're right...Football is not gay in the slightest. I myself am excited to see the Dallas Cowboys hit the gridiron this year and I'm praying to Jesus that He will guide them all the way to the Super Bowl.
Very cute. I explained that I was talking about football and not soccer. We invented it, we make the rules. Just like the fooking language.
Soccer, on the other hand, is already proven to be gay.
I'm listening... Do go on.

Only I'm pretty sure there can't be anything 'gay' about a sport unless it involves same-sex sodomy, fellatio, etc. And I'm sure you won't find anything along those lines going in football, american football, baseball, rugby, hockey, cricket, etc via a youtube search at least. A quick search of your hard drive however...

Do you not still see why your use of the word 'gay' is both innacurate, offensive and carelessly vague?
I couldn't care less than watching soccer on YouTube. You think I want to watch a bunch of homers kick a ball back and forth and not score a single goal for 45+ minutes?
Again, vague. But let's assume the average football match doesn't produce a goal in the first half (which is one HELL of a rubbish assumption). I would still rather watch the beautiful game of football than a game where preciously-protected players run into each other for a minute, stop for five, repeat, then sit down and watch a glamorous, sparkly 'show' in which someone out of *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys or American Idol sing in the middle of the pitch.

1: If you're going to call a sport 'gay': one in which Justin Timberlake sings at halftime is it.


2: A sport that needs a halftime show, cheerleaders, etc is too boring for sport fans to be encouraged to watch in the first place.
Gay is offensive. It is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord (Leviticus 18:22).
Quoting the bible is on a par with me quoting Tolkein.
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