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Default Re: Anal Beads. Satans Rosary? ADULTS ONLY PLEASE! - 10-30-2010, 05:16 AM

Originally Posted by Pastor Ezekiel View Post
Dear Godmocking Whore;

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule of worshiping satan and spreading your legs for anyone with a dollar to post this hateful message. The Holy Bible tells us that we are actually Blessed by your persecution! Thanks for proving that we're right.

Enjoy hell. I know that Jesus and I can't wait to watch you burn in hell for all eternity. Oh, how we'll laugh at you as you scream in agony! Shout Glory!!


--Pastor Ezekiel
So I found this thread because of Stumbleupon (which I'm sure you all think is a tool of Satan). Are you guys serious? Pastor Ezekiel calls someone a whore and doesn't even know them. You guys call yourselves Christians? And you probably wonder why so few people like you. I'm all for religions, you can worship whoever you want, I don't care. I don't believe in God, but I don't run around and tell people to not believe. If they believe, good for them, not going to ruin my mood. But I find it kind of funny that this Ezekiel guy calls him a whore, tells him he opens his legs for a dollar, then in the next quote tells him Jesus just wants his adoration.

Originally Posted by Pastor Ezekiel View Post
Jesus only died temporarily. He arose on the third day and then later floated up to Heaven to be with His father God. There were something like 500 witnesses.

He's looking down on you right now. Won't you please open your heart to Him? All He wants is your adoration.
Do any of you women talk in church? Because you know, in the bible it says you're not allowed. You're also not allowed to have haircuts, but you CAN have slaves. How nice.

So do you own slaves? No? Oh, why? Because times have changed? It's been how long since that 'book' was written? It's funny how you guys can think for yourselves when it comes to things that are AGAINST THE LAW, but if it's in a gray area and the bible forbids it, you guys freak out.

I thought Christians were supposed to be tolerant, not bigots.
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