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Default Re: Tour De France Beats Out Figure Skating-Now World's Gayest Sp - 07-21-2009, 04:09 AM

Originally Posted by Rev. Jim Osborne View Post

Am I the only one who noticed the subliminal sexual imagery in this picture? Does the "T" in Tour look a little phallic for your tastes? What's worse is the "F" in France is in the basic shape of a man and it looks like he is performing a heinous homosexual act on the tip of the T.

Also look at the "R" in Tour. Why is this guy bent over in receptive, submissive position? And why does it look like Pac-Man is doing a truly repulsive oral act with the man's backside nether regions?

From what I understand about gay people is they like to speak in code. Some of them refer to each other as "Friends of Dorothy" which in fagspeak means they're homos. There is also a highly complicated hanky system which shows what sexual acts they like to do and if they are top and bottom based on the color of the hanky and left-right positioning of it. It wouldn't surprise me if homosexuals intentionally put these clues in the logo as a secret signal for other homosexuals.
Actually the "r" in touR is supposed to be a man, the "O" in tour is supposed to be a bike's wheel, and the yellow ball (pac-man) in front of the man is the front wheel of the bike.
It's a biker. not a gay sign
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