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Focus on Family - Christian Parenting A place where parents can get good Godly advice on how to raise a family: how to properly administer corporal punishment, which movies to avoid, and more!

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abbey.barnhard is a sorcerer and idolater who follows false gods and will rot in Hell.
Angry Re: My daughter, and chastity belts. - 04-23-2012, 09:40 PM

Are you kidding me???? A chastity belt this day and age??! Females are NOT men's to control and decide our sexuality!!! Her privates are not yours to control either!! It's her vagina!! What happens if she wants to swim??? Does she wear the dang vaginal prison to the pool and get made fun of?! Or cleaning herself when she isn't feeling "so fresh" down there!! (I personally use vagisil every time I shower) and now having the basic human FREEDOM to go to the restroom when she needs! What if shes not near the one who has the key and has to pee or poo and has to hold it for HOURS or DAYS until y'all decide to allow her to relive herself! If you get the one with holes in it, those aren't clean!! She'll surly get infections and then the matter of her private areas is now under discussion for EVEN more people when she has to see a doctor. Plus us FEMALES get periods during puberty and sitting in your own vagina blood sounds inhumane and disgusting!!!! Plus having to wipe frequently after pooping, peeing, and periods. Them there is the matter of tampons.

Masturnation is not bad. It's actually considered healthy according to doctors and relieves sexual tension and stress! It's not gonna send you to Satan if you have an orgasm! Big whoop! It's none of your business if she wants to do that or not anyway you creepy man! If my dad did this to me I'd report him to the police for sexual harassment!!!

Sex isn't horrible either!!! I'm 15 and I've lost my virginity to my boyfriend of 9 months who I am madly in love with! I'm on BIRTH CONTROL (don't you dare tell me I'm going to hell for that, it helps me with painful periods and prevents pregnancies at a young age). I'm a Spiritualist but I still believe in God, and Jesus died for our sins, meaning God FORGIVES US!!! Plus David (my amazing lover and boyfriend and soon to be husband because we have promise rings and all and are in deep, pationate love) and I are faithful and have only had sex (we prefer the term "making love") with each other and intend on marriage as soon as legal.

Not to mention, you country hicks are racist ass****s!!!! Color doesn't make a person!!!!! Race and culture don't either!!!

Y'all need to get with this century and stop being racist, sexist, JERKS!!! I swear I'd turn you in to the authorities if I knew who y'all were!!!

Praying for your poor daughter to be born to YOU creeps!!!
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