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Default Day 183. Psalm 141-145 - 09-11-2009, 04:47 PM

Psalm 141-145

Psalm 141

1 Lord, I cry unto thee: make haste unto me; give ear unto my voice, when I cry unto thee.

This is a very interesting Psalm. It's currently one of my favorites, ranking up there with Psalm 137. Its a Psalm about a man asking God to prevent him from sinning. It is rather contradictory to Jesus preaching in Matthew 5:28, where he says that pretty much if you think about wanting to sin, that you've sinned. But then Psalms were written during a time for when you had to offer sacrifices for specific sins. As opposed to the New Testament thinking where all your sins (physical or mental) are forgiven by Jesus 1 sacrifice.

3 Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.

It seems many people don't have a filter between their brain and their mouth, "Did I say that or think that?" The psalmist is asking the LORD to be the filter.

4 Incline not my heart to any evil thing, to practise wicked works with men that work iniquity: and let me not eat of their dainties.

Note how he asks the LORD to not make him WANT to do anything bad, (lead us not into temptation); and then realizes that he will still have desires to do bad things, but God can still prevent him from doing them.

5 Let the righteous smite me; it shall be a kindness: and let him reprove me; it shall be an excellent oil, which shall not break my head: for yet my prayer also shall be in their calamities.

Many people would take offense to having someone else correct them. Try to tell a modern christian that things they are doing are wrong; you see it all the time here. "Jesus forgives me, why can't you" dear friend, if you WERE a True Christian ™ you'd accept correction.

8 But mine eyes are unto thee, O GOD the Lord: in thee is my trust; leave not my soul destitute.

Just like yesterday, we have a full caps GOD, oddly it's followed up by a upper and lower lord. Even more odd, because in verse 3, it's LORD.

9 Keep me from the snares which they have laid for me, and the gins of the workers of iniquity.

10 Let the wicked fall into their own nets, whilst that I withal escape.

Gin here, is a trap or a snare, not a delicious distilled beverage made from a grain mash with juniper berries.

What the psalmist is asking here, in a nutshell, is...

Dear God, let me be the roadrunner, whilst my enemies are the coyote.


Psalm 142

1 I cried unto the LORD with my voice; with my voice unto the LORD did I make my supplication.

His concerns were voiced.

2 I poured out my complaint before him; I shewed before him my trouble.

Remember, this is poetry, so a little bit of repetition is acceptable.

3 When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then thou knewest my path. In the way wherein I walked have they privily laid a snare for me.

Apparently the road runner/coyote visage continues from psalm to psalm.

4 I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul.

This sounds like a Davidic psalm, so very "woe is me", "dear God save me". David was so very emo.

6 Attend unto my cry; for I am brought very low: deliver me from my persecutors; for they are stronger than I.

Remember, originally, David was a little wussy boy, who tended sheep.

Psalm 143

1 Hear my prayer, O LORD, give ear to my supplications: in thy faithfulness answer me, and in thy righteousness.

Horray, a psalm where the psalmist just wants the Lord to help him.

4 Therefore is my spirit overwhelmed within me; my heart within me is desolate.


7 Hear me speedily, O LORD: my spirit faileth: hide not thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.


10 Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness.

Other than the emo bits, this psalm is very much a begging of the LORD to help a person through troubles.

12 And of thy mercy cut off mine enemies, and destroy all them that afflict my soul: for I am thy servant.

Oh wait... nevermind. Dear God, please smite my enemies.

Psalm 144

1 Blessed be the LORD my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

This should be written above the entrance to every chapel on every United States Military post in the world. Like the entrance to hell in dante's inferno, that read "Abandon hope all ye who enter here" All chapels should have Psalm 144:1 prominently displayed.

Verses 1-11 are about David asking God to help smite his enemies. After that he asked the LORD to bless his society.

12 That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:

May our sons be strong, and our daughters hot!

13 That our garners may be full, affording all manner of store: that our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our streets:

A garner is a granary. Remember, it was the whole garner problem that led to Egypt in the first place.

14 That our oxen may be strong to labour; that there be no breaking in, nor going out; that there be no complaining in our streets.

This is not a plea against rape, it's asking that the gates be strong. There is a weird break in the two verses, I would expect that the sheep and oxen would be in the same verse.

15 Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.

Yea, happy people.

Psalm 145

This is a psalm of praise. It's probably written by David. In reading the Davidic psalms I'm starting to wonder if he was Manic Depressive (bi-polar). He goes from being so sad that he wants to die, to being so happy that he's taking off his clothes and dancing nearly naked in the streets.

According to wiki

Symptoms of mania include rapid speech, racing thoughts, decreased need for sleep, hypersexuality, euphoria, impulsiveness, grandiosity, and increased interest in goal-directed activities
Lets see, euphoria (2 Samuel 6), hypersexuality (2 Samuel 12:24), grandiosity and goal directed activities (2 Samuel 7). David sure does seem to do most of the Mania pieces of being bi-polar. Then you read the rest of his poetry where he sounds practically suicidal, and you can see the depressive side. Imagine how crappy the Bible (KJV1611) would be if David was on lithium.

2 Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name for ever and ever.

Claiming to bless the LORD every day, sure seems like a grandiose plan.

8 The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.

Apparently David has a short memory.

14 The LORD upholdeth all that fall, and raiseth up all those that be bowed down.

Or, David's brain just evened out... either way, God is Great!

19 He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them.

David may very well be full blown batshit crazy at this point.

20 The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy.

Ah, it couldn't go without being said, that God will destroy my enemies... if he hasn't already.

At least David gave the LORD credit for the work that he did.

So what have we learned today?

1. David was possibly crazy, but did suffer from bi-polar. I wonder if Trent Reznor is somehow related to David?

2. It didn't used to be a sin to think things, but when Jesus sacrifice came around, that changed everything.

3. The roadrunner/coyote may have gotten their inspiration from Psalms.


Judges 9:21 And Jotham ran away, and fled, and went to Beer, and dwelt there, for fear of Abimelech his brother.
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