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Eagle How Cruz's Dropout Exposes the Corruption of the American Soul - 05-08-2016, 08:03 PM

Reposted from the Christian Restoraton Party

All credit to Bert Farias and Charisma Magazine

I know I may lose followers, readers and even friends over this article, but that’s OK. As Jeremiah so concisely stated, “But if I say, ‘I will not make mention of Him nor speak any more in His name,’ then His word was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones; and I was weary of forbearing it, and I could not endure it” (Jer. 20:9).

Here it goes:
Benny Hinn prophesied on New Year’s Eve 1989 that a woman would one day be president of America and would destroy this nation. It seemed like a far-fetched prophecy then, but not so much anymore.

How could so many conservatives and Christians vote against Ted Cruz?

How could so many conservatives vote against our constitution and against principle?

Though not a perfect man, the best conservative and the most principled man according to Scripture (Ex. 18:21), and the clearest choice to help our country recover from the big black hole this administration has dug, has dropped out. Just as with the Obama election, there will come a time when the true principled conservatives will once again be able to say, “I told you so.” The blame is on the shoulders of Trump supporters and the liberal mainstream media. And just as the whining soon began after Obama got elected, especially the second time, the same whining will escalate once either remaining candidate holds office.

Trumpbots, you made your bed hard and you don’t even know it. Now you’ve got to sleep on it. And some of you actually think that this man is a spokesman for God. What you have done now is create the perfect storm. I hope I’m wrong. I really do.

It is now apparent that Ted Cruz, the man so many of us prayed for, will not be what we had hoped for. But he may have been raised up for a less favorable purpose—that the corruption of the American soul and lukewarm church would be fully exposed for what it is—rotten to the core.

The crowds clamored for Trump no matter how arrogant he got, or how much he lied, or cussed, or was exposed for his filth and fraud. He told you what you wanted to hear and you believed him. Now you will pay and be held accountable for your most unwise choice. Standing up against one of the most electable and upright candidates of our lifetime, you have continued to use your mouth as a weapon to defend your idol against the opportunity gave you.

Trump supporters, you will now get what you’ve clamored for, just like the children of Israel who clamored for their meat in the wilderness as the Lord gave them an abundance of quail (Num. 11). Yet, while the meat was between their teeth, a plague struck the nation. While many celebrate the apparent victory of their amoral candidate, the darkness grows and moves in yet closer.

Honestly, it’s amazing to me that we’ve survived eight years of an anti-American and Israeli-hating Muslim president, not to mention a Christian-God mocker. I’m afraid we are heading down the same dark path Obama forged for us. Just as with the last two elections, the church could’ve turned the tide at the political level, and God gave us an opportunity to do so, but we blew it yet again. We are so divided in our discernment and righteousness.

People who refuse to be guided by the Lord will be ruled by tyrants. Scripture is clear on that. You have chosen your King Saul or Queen Jezebel once more. You voted like the world. You had an opportunity to vote for a true patriot, but you chose a New York liberal masquerading as a conservative. You voted for nationalism instead of righteousness. You voted for your pocketbooks instead of principle.

America may never be great again.

There is great hope, however, for the kingdom of God. It is in the darkest times that the light has potential to shine the brightest. Some might be of the persuasion that it’s too late for America, and that it’s too dark and she is too far gone. But let me remind you of a great principle of revival and compare it to a hurricane.

Meteorologists can forecast the strength of the winds in a developing hurricane by the atmospheric pressure. I’ve never studied meteorology, but as I understand it, the disparity of atmospheric pressure between the sea and the air creates a vacuum. The greater the vacuum the more violent will be the winds and the greater the water evaporation. For example, every inch of reduction in atmospheric pressure results in 13 more inches of water being lifted up by the hurricane as it acts as a mighty vacuum cleaner. The water and winds are what create devastation and destruction in a hurricane.

There is a great vacuum of despair, darkness and death in our culture right now. There is a great God vacuum of true spirituality and morality, which means hope springs eternal for an intense spiritual hurricane that could produce the biggest spiritual waves any generation has ever seen. One of those waves could be the very one that brings Jesus back to the Earth and takes us right into the shores of heaven to close out the church age. Hallelujah!

I love America, but it is not my savior. I love America, but it is not my hope. I love America, but it is corrupted to the core, and this election proved it once more.

Thank God my kingdom is not of this world. Thank God that my hope and salvation is in Jesus Christ. He will forever rule and reign, and His government will have no end.

My true Christian fellow laborers, the battle rages and is now on our doorstep. Our nation is in great peril. Let us rescue many from the ever-increasing sin, darkness and corruption that she has succumbed to. The tiny flicker of light and hope we had for her recovery has been put out. Let us put all our trust in the Lord and not in man. Truly, the gospel is our only light and victory.

May the moral awakening and Jesus revolution we’ve all longed for and prayed for now truly come. May the spiritual winds be violent and the waves massive.

Onward, Christian soldiers.

Christians are superior because we possess an understanding that unbelievers lack. It is through the Power of Jesus only the converted mind is able to understand what is going on in the world; what the Communists are really up to; what Satan's intentions are. Most unbelievers do not even believe in Satan and cannot understand his tactics.

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