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THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS! Open for the CHRISTmas Season only.

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Exclamation Christmas is Under Attack Again!! - 12-11-2006, 02:29 AM

I friend of mine recently went to a "Holiday Concert" at his son's school. When the concert was over he asked the school principal why the concert was not called a "Christmas Concert" instead of a "Holiday Concert." The principal informed him that the local school board would not allow the concert to be called a "Christmas Concert" because "such a term would be exclusive." According to the school board personnel at local schools cannot even use the words "Christmas," "Christ," or "Jesus." My friend found this surprising as the MAJORITY of students in the school system are Christian.

It is clear once again that Christ and Christmas are under attack! It is also clear that all True Christians are under attack by the demonic forces that be and by their human funnels of Darkness! You see, I have found in my many years as an Evangelist for Jesus that when ya go a lookin' for DEMONS ya seldom have to look any further than some human beings!! Disembodied demons don't need to make frequent appearances because HEATHENS are doing their job for them!! And this years attack on Christmas, as all other years attacks, is DEMONIC!!

This year some retailers are allowing their employees to say, "Merry Christmas" but some are still forbidding it and dictating that employees must say, "Happy Holidays" instead. Some True Christians are boycotting those retailers this year because they are FED UP with the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS CRAP and the ATTACKS on JeSuS!! Good for them and PRAISE THE LORD!!

Satan and HIS human forces in this world have a goal and that goal is to destroy Christianity in ANY way they can! CHRISTIANITY IS UNDER ATTACK!! True Christians MUST begin to MEET that attack and ATTACK BACK!!

It seems OK for people of other faiths (HEATHENS!) to have their public celebrations but NOT for Christians today. Isn't that DISCRIMINATION? It IS in my book!! The INFIDELS in our society who are nothin more or less than SATAN'S SLUTS want to promote every FALSE RELIGION while trying to sweep Christianity under the carpet EVEN though most AMERICANS say they are CHRISTIAN!! These human DEMONS are tryin their best to FORCE darkness and EVIL down our throats! I'll be GLAD when JESUS COMES AGAIN and sends them all sliding down the GREASED UP pipeline into the STINKING AND BLOODY BOWELS OF HELL!!

Those who are NOT True Christians ARE the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS. These Children of BELIAL (Satan the LIAR) are doing the DEVIL'S work by attacking everything TRUE CHRISTIANS consider sacred and holy! They not only attack Christmas and Christianity but they also attack the SACREDNESS of the FAMILY! They attack the white race, MANHOOD, and our GREAT and GOD BLESSED NATION the GODLY UNITED STATES of AMERICA!! They are trying their best to emasculate MEN and turn us all into HOMERSEXUAL HARLOTS! They are trying their best to turn TRUE CHRISTIANS into HEATHENS and, thus, abandon Christ and Christianity!

Perhaps the greatest attacks launched by the sons of DARKNESS are against the FAMILY in America! Traditional CHRISTIAN family values are being destroyed. Suddenly, these DEMONS want us to believe that a "family" can be "anything" even if ma and pa are "Adam and Steve" or "Lucy and Maria!" Do ya see any HOMERSEXUAL families in the HOLY BIBLE KJV 1611??? NOPE! Did Christ ever sanction families with two daddy's or two mommy's? NOPE! Yet, the DEVIL is trying to blur the REALITY of FAMILY and make us all think that this is all "perfectly normal" when, in fact, it is SO SINFUL that it makes SODOM AND GOMORRAH look like HOLY CITIES!!

AMERICA needs to WAKE UP before we find ourselves suffering a far bigger DESTRUCTION than Sodom or Gomorrah ever dreamed of!!

SODOMY and the FEMINIZATION of MALES degrades the FAMILY!! You have to be a complete SINNER and mormon not to understand that! And that IS the goal of the Devil and all his human DEMONS here on earth because Satan knows if he can destroy the family then the destruction of TRUE CHRISTIANITY is not far behind!!

ALL of the people who are attacking the family, Christ, Christians, our Nation, and Christmas have SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL! They entered into an UNGODLY ALLIANCE long ago!

What ya'll must understand is that the ATTACK ON CHRISTMAS is part of a wider attack against Christians and Christ. I hear that 80% of our GOD BLESSED soldiers today are CHRISTIAN yet Military Chaplains are increasingly having a difficult time for praying in the Name of Jesus in public. Some Chaplains have been disciplined for mentioning the Name of Christ! So what? The 80% are suppose to conform to the DEMONIC WISHES of the HEATHEN 20%??? America is SUPPOSE to be a nation where the MAJORITY and NOT the MINORITY rule!!

I understand TV talkshow host Jay Leno pointed out that it's OK to have Halloween. "So we have a holiday for DEMONS and WITCHES but not one for CHRIST?" He heard the movie "Miracle on 34th Street" was being retitled "Coincidence on 34th Street." That's all pretty telling since we are being LIED to and told that our GODLY AMERICAN nation is on the verge of becoming a CHRISTIAN THEOCRACY!! Seems to be that just the OPPOSITE is true! America is on the verge of becoming a DEMONIC NATION!!

In thinkin 'bout all this I can't help but be reminded by the HOLY CHRISTIAN SPIRIT of the words of Christ as written in the GOSEPEL of Matthew 10:32-33, which says,

"So every one who acknowledges Me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven; but whoever denies Me before men, I also will also deny before my Father who is in heaven."

Seems to me that the GOOD LORD is goin to be DENYING a lot of people before the FATHER in Heaven!!

One of the BEST ways TRUE CHRISTIANS can FIGHT BACK this CHRIST-MAS is to celebrate as loudly and blatantly as we can!! We can grab our KJV1611 Bibles and take to the street corners and public parks and PROCLAIM the WORD OF THE LORD as LOUDLY as we can to the UNSAVED TRASH in this nation!! God knows that this nation is overflowin' with SINNERS that are SORELY in NEED of HEARING the WORD this Christmas Season!!

Another way is to shout "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to every HEATHEN SCUM that tells you "Happy Holidays." GET IN THEIR FACE TRUE CHRISTIANS and shout MERRY CHRISTMAS as loudly and BOLDLY as your can!!

You MIGHT have to tolerate the SINNERS in this world BUT you DON'T have to tolerate the SPIRIT OF THE ANTICHRIST in this CHRISTMAS Season!!

It's time to "fight the GOOD FIGHT!" It's time to TAKE A STAND FOR JESUS! It's time to BE that CHRISTIAN SOLDIER!!

It's time to STOP the PERVESITY and SIN that is so BLATANTLY going on in our nation today! And it's time that America once again be EVANGELIZED for the GLORY of the LORD!!

If YOU are one of those FALSE, Wimpy, or EMASCULATED "Christians" and you don't take a stand for JESUS then read your fate in these words from Revelation 21:8...

But the FEARFUL and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and WHOREMONGERS, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.



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