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Post American Idol Almost Causes Apocolypse- Last Minute Save By Jesus - 05-29-2009, 06:45 AM

American Idol Almost Causes Apocolypse- Last Minute Save By Jesus (Assist goes to Danny Gokey)

Greetings Friends. I come to you with a true story of God’s victory over evil. Keep in mind the victory was a hard fought one - and were it not for one Christian sacrificing his own future - all may have been lost.

I don’t much get into TV programs save except for the 700 club and the occasional Hangin' with Mr. Cooper rerun. I choose to avoid even the highly acclaimed Fox News because of it’s obvious liberal bias. I avoid ALL music (both Christian and secular) because of it’s proclivity toward the sin of dancing. 1Thessalonians 5:22 is quite clear on that issue. Unfortunately, circumstances in our value depleted society have called for me to tune back in. Tune back in to the pinnacle of ungodly programming - Reality TV. More specifically, American Idol, just as it was on the cusp of destroying our Nation.

I loathe even discussing this form of entertainment. I know folks, these are sick, sick times we are living in! But sadly, live in them we must until Jesus comes to take us ‘chosen ones’ home. I wake up every morning hoping to be raptured into Heaven during my morning drive, my Hummer smashing into some unsuspecting godless atheist looking confused and finally realizing the error of his ways before he’s shipped straight to Hell courtesy of my front fender! What was happening on that show this year was not something He could, I could, nor any true Christian or proud American worth his salt could live with.

In the following paragraphs I will outline the terrifying ‘reality’ that almost came to pass because of this show. I will also shed light on the heroic efforts by some great Christian Warriors that saved us from these atrocities.

As I am sure that most of you have not watched this American “False” Idol I will briefly explain how it works. It is a singing competition that hundreds of thousands of late teen to twenty-somethings try out for to win a million dollar recording contract. First they go in front of judges and once the field gets narrowed down to 12 the public gets to vote on who they like. Unfortunately, the judges made a terrible error and allowed an unsavory sort to make it into this elite group. His name was Adam Lambert. It was beyond terrible, unforgivable would be more accurate. Had he won, we could have expected the most terrible disasters in history to strike us immediately. I was almost fooled by this wolf in sheep's (more like beautifully tailored silk and satin) clothing.

A gentleman in my bible study group had told me about this fellow, said he had the voice of an angel and that there was also a couple of other fine young Christians in the top 12; Chris Allen and Danny Gokey. I fell to the sin of curiosity and watched the show the following week.

My First Impression -

Adam Lambert - Dressed in a suit with his hair perfectly coifed sang Tracks of My Tears (obviously not a Christian song but certainly not a window into his true sickness that would show later) and I must admit he brought me to tears. He did sound like an angel. A beautiful angel. Being the sinner that I am, I am embarrassed to admit that this boy had my loins a flutter in a way I have not felt since my wedding night. Please forgive me Jesus.

I spent the next week looking up everything I could find on this young man, every youtube video, every article, anything I could get my hands on! I needed to find out just who was this person? A person that Jesus had so obviously favored and gave him this voice! Sure, I found rumors of deviancy's. Terrible disgusting deviancy's. Fortunately, I knew realized they were just that though, rumors. There was no way this Adam fellow could not fool me and The Big J! He was good Christian boy, and I knew it! His voice was the proof. If he was the deviant of those pictures, and video’s, and interviews, and yearbook photos, Jesus would have cursed him with leprosy or gout and made him sound like Taylor Hicks or something.

Danny Gokey -*** A youth Pastor with a raspy voice and a dead wife.* Good Christian!* Nuff Said.

Chris Allen -*** A youth Pastor with a pleasant little voice and a living wife.* Good Christian!*

The Horrors!

It got down to these three guys and at church on Sunday my Pastor dropped the bombshell and brought to our attention the pending Apocalypse. Adam Lambert was in fact a HOMOSEXUAL! HE WAS IN THE TOP THREE! A HOMOSEXUAL! HOW COULD WE HAVE LET THIS HAPPEN?! I could not imagine what it could mean to our Country, our WAY OF LIFE, if this gay won! If he actually beat out good righteous Christian’s! I just threw up again thinking about it! If he won - the following would be true.

American Idol = Gay Idol = Gay GOD - America would now worship a GAY GOD!!!*

#1 - Kids would think it was ‘cool’ to be gay! All the school age boys would start sodomizing each other in the lunch rooms, on the school bus, you name it!

#2 - Kids would think it was OK to be ‘different’! Different is NOT OK WITH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR! This I know FOR SURE!

#3 - Gays would be permitted to marry! Why not?! A gay American ‘False’ Idol, showing kindness and courtesy to everyone would automatically lead to gay marriages. It only makes sense!

#4 - Bestiality! See my previous post on vegetarians!

#5 - Christians would have been oppressed yet again! We have been fighting persecution for centuries! We can’t teach creationism in school, we can’t stone adulterous in public, and now we’re asked to show deference to what God clearly labels an “abomination” - along with shrimp.

Gods Grace Saves The Day - As Always, The Lords Will is Carried Out

Praise God that my church was not the only one to take notice and take action. We band together and got the word out. Danny gracefully realized that he needed to sacrifice his spot in the competition for the greater good.
Danny knew his Christian vote would automatically go to Chris.
False Idol advertisers and affiliates got the word out that it was imperative to our economy that Chris is had to defeat Adam. Can you imagine having to listen to a gay person sing “Wish Upon a Star” for Disney? Wish upon the alter of Satan is more like it. No, Disney, Ford, At&T etc. made sure to give Christ’s team a leg up by showing Chris supporters how to power text. This was a classic case of David and Goliath. Classic except for the fact that this Goliath likes to take it in his brown starfish.

We defeated him. We won. We may have had to take some drastic measures, but in desperate times - well you know. We told them that we voted for Chris because Adam had too much experience even though Chris had the same amount. We told them we voted for Chris because Adam was too ‘showy’. We told them exactly what they needed to hear just so we didn't have to tell them the truth. The truth that we voted for Chris simply so the hell-bound Homo wouldn’t win, and send us straight into Satan’s grasp.

Yes, Adam gave me goose bumps every time he sang. No, Chris never did. So What!? Chris is a man of the Lord and isn’t that all that matters here?
Yes, it is! Praise God!

God Bless,
Kala ✞
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