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Angry From Blackwashing to Pinkwashing: Liberal Historical Appropriation Continues - 04-07-2019, 06:51 PM

It is well known that for the past decade liberals have been waging a war on history. It started with paying attention to the boring things that women and minorities did in the past, as if anyone cared. Then they began to realize that there really wasn't much to talk about because, as God intended, only white men were allowed to do interesting things, such as creating inventions, waging wars, and discovering continents. Was this due to "sexism" and "racism" preventing nonwhites and females from doing anything amazing or horrible or otherwise notable? NO! It's simply the natural, immutable order of Creation as put forth in the Bible.

However, liberals don't like this. Instead of accepting that lesser humans basically have no history, they decided (unsurprisingly) to steal it from well-off white men. Liberal afrocentrists (i.e. negro lovers) falsely claimed that the Egyptians were black. From there, using Affirmative Action as a model, they "blackwashed" a number of historical figures, including Hannibal and Beethoven (see educational graphic below). They have also cast mud in the face of Jesus Christ Himself, in an unspeakable blasphemy (Galatians 6:7) as well as a blatant lie (Revelation 1:14).

This insidious tactic has proved largely successful, with public schools brainwashing their captive pupils with negrofascist propaganda round the clock. However, they're not satisfied with putting white historical figures in blackface, now they want to put them in dresses too!

Originally Posted by USA Today

Revolutionary War general Casimir Pulaski was dubbed the “Father of the American Cavalry” in a presidential proclamation last October, but an upcoming documentary will show research suggesting Pulaski may have been female or intersex.
Researchers have examined remains believed to be Pulaski's and used skeletal evidence to document the case that Pulaski, who lived as a man, may have been a woman or an intersex individual — a person who has both female and male biological characteristics.

The Smithsonian Channel will premiere a documentary about the research — "America’s Hidden Stories: The General Was Female?" — on April 8 at 8 p.m.
Pulaski's legacy as a war hero was highlighted in a proclamation by President Donald Trump declaring Oct. 11, 2018, as General Pulaski Memorial Day. The proclamation says Pulaski once saved Gen. George Washington in battle and that Pulaski transformed a calvary legion of Americans and allies into a "lethal fighting force."

Pulaski died during the Battle of Savannah and has since secured a legacy as a Polish-American hero, with numerous towns, schools and roads named after the general, as documented by NBC News.
The Harvard establishment and the liberal media are clearly launching a fake news campaign in an attempt to discredit President Trump. If the fundamentalist Christian father of our Christian nation, George Washington, was willing to vouch for this Polack, then he must not have been a bad sort, certainly not a degenerate tranny. And our beloved supreme leader President Trump, with his record high IQ, could NEVER have been tricked into laying praise upon such a sick freak as these "scientists" are claiming Pulaski was. Trump said "Father of the American Cavalry," not "Mother," or "Drag King Lesbo Creep" or "Hermaphrodite Abomination."

Originally Posted by USA Today

The evidence that Pulaski may not have been a man comes primarily from a skeletal analysis.

“One of the ways that male and female skeletons are different is the pelvis,” Virginia Hutton Estabrook, a contributor to the documentary and an assistant professor of anthropology at Georgia Southern University told NBC News. “In females, the pelvic cavity has a more oval shape. It’s less heart-shaped than in the male pelvis. Pulaski’s looked very female.”
The female characteristics were so striking that some experts originally believed that the skeleton could not have belonged to Pulaski, the documentary says.

In "The General Was Female?" researchers work to definitively link the remains to Pulaski. They also say the skeletal record is consistent with an individual who rode horses and sustained battle injuries.

The film portrays Pulaski as a solitary, charismatic and driven individual. Those characteristics have helped shape the general's legacy, but also closely mirror how an intersex individual may have lived during that period in history, filmmakers suggest.

The Intersex Society of North America says about 1 in 1,500 to 2,000 children are known to be intersex at birth but more find sex anatomy variations later in life.
Clearly, the liberals have no shame. From blackwashing to pinkwashing, their larcenous rampage across OUR HISTORY, the HISTORY OF WHITE MEN, is doing untold damage to our schools and to our childrens' understanding of historical truth and to their acceptance of the primacy of white men. Beethoven had black skin and blubber lips! Casimir Pulaski had a vagina! What's next, Ronald Reagan was a flaming faggot? Charlemagne was a wheelchair-bound dwarf with AIDS? There's no line of so-called "intellectuals" wanting to claim Hitler or Stalin as blacks or women, just the historical celebrities they think are "cool." Just like how looters always go straight for the Air Jordans and plasma screens, the stuff they really want but don't want to work for.

We're all in a state of constant vigilance due to fake news trying to deceive us about the present, and, unfortunately, we have to deal with fake history trying to distort our past as well. Teach your children to truth and don't allow the SJWs to blackwash and pinkwash our historical heritage.

God bless,
Dennis Lukes

"No room for them in the inn" (Luke 2:7)?
Not if they'd come to the Blood of Christ Motel!
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