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Creation Science The origins of life and the earth from a creationist (Biblical) perspective.

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flag Flat Earth Science: Lands beyond the Ice Wall Revealed! - 03-07-2021, 06:54 AM

All science is based on the KJV Bible, a few axioms and previous findings. Regarding our Creation, these are as follows:
  • The Earth is flat (e.g., Isaiah 11:12)
  • Jesus will soon dismantle this Earth (Revelation 21:1).
  • He will Create a New Earth (Isaiah 65:17, 2 Peter3:13).
Now, new data have emerged. Many flat Earth theorists believe that our current flat Earth is not the first one, and they have presented the Creation Science Community with new innovative designs of possible previous, pre-Biblical Creations. These new theories explain many enigmatic passages of the Bible and spread light to the fate of this sodomy-ridden world. In addition, we can now unravel where the Nazis fled after WWII, we can discover new lands for Bible-believing heterosexual Caucasian male True Christian™ men and prove the flat nature of this Earth once and for all.

Many flat Earth theorists now believe that beyond the Ice Wall (called Antarctica by atheists) there could be another rim of habitable continents and seas. The ice wall can be traversed only in summer through the "Summer Gate", a passage for ships when the Ice Wall partly melts in the summer months. This has been proven by the many ships that have disappeared in that region and by the fact that even the Google maps show this region as a black void. Here we can see the black region that the government tries to hide from us.

What lies beyond? Many flat Earth theorists now believe that a totally new region of vast continents with lush pastures, tropical seas, oil fields and mineral deposits is hidden to be subdued (Genesis 1:28) and exploited by Real Conservative Christian Americans. This is most plausible, as we now even have the names for these new lands!

As we can see, this new flatland has its own Sun called Bol and many exciting continental masses, such as Hapis, Libris (I presume it does not mean that it would be infested by liberals) and Geminia. Furthermore, the ultimate proof of the veracity of this design is Thoth, the moving island. No secular scientist would come up with such an intricate idea, but the Bible knows of it! Glory to Jesus!

Revelation 6:14
And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and
island were moved out of their places.

Islands CAN thus move, and Jesus testifies about that. Now we can quite confidently start to examine this new rousing world in detail. As we can see, there is another Ice Wall surrounding this world, and presumably it either has its own semi-toroidal Firmament (Genesis 1:6) or a large hemispherical Firmament that also contains our own smaller Firmament. Simple and elegant. Occam's razor proves this as the simplest explanation! We'll have to find out. Does it end there? Apparently, it doesn't! Yet another new world can be found beyond this new Ice Wall!

A THIRD world. We know of the third world but this the real third world. Now. please look closely at the center of this image. It shows the future! A new Sun is emerging from the so-called "North pole" and it will be the New Earth's Sun (Jesus) cited in the Bible (Revelation 21:1). The atheist science has it all wrong! As the new Earth emerges, giganormous earthquakes and volcanic erections ensue, as our Earth moves to the edge of the New Earth, a new Ice Wall is Created and WE become the rim around Jesus's Newest Creation! At the moment, these outer edges of this maze of Creations are still somewhat speculative, and another plausible model shows many vanished continents, such as Lemuria and Atlantis, and the abyssal seas described in the first glorious paragraphs of the KJV Bible (Genesis 1:2). You can see these waters as the "Abyssal Ocean". This is great science!

For the uneducated secular PhD, this is still probably not enough, as they by default try to dismiss Biblical evidence. For them, we have gathered other irrefutable pieces of information that prove the above model beyond any reasonable doubt.
  • The mainstream scientists deny this. But they also deny the Bible. As we know that the Bible is True™, the model above is also True™.
  • The United Nations knows about this and flaunts it on their emblem!
  • Adolf Hitler, a brilliant but twisted mind, knew about it and probably fled there via South America in the summer of '45.

Soon it is going to be summer. An expedition must be launched to enter the Summer Gate and the vast lands beyond. Who dwells there? Probably some Godless Sodomistic British sailors from the 19th century and the Nazis. We can defeat them and claim these lands for Trump the Golden. Soon the new Sun will also emerge and Jesus shall be that Sun (Revelation 22:5). As the previous Sun was called Bol and ours is Sol the next one could be Jol if we follow the alphabetic sequence. Or Yol. It will probably circle the disk in the opposite direction to Sol and similar to Bol. Bol has to cover more distance within every 24-hour sequence so good sunscreens may be needed. I would not mind settling on Thoth the moving Island. Or Atlantis. Obviously, all this in expectation of Jesus's Return and my teleportation into Heaven (1 Thessalonians 4:17).

Yours in Christ,


2 Kings 18:25 - Am I now come up without the LORD against this place to destroy it? The LORD said to me, Go up against this land, and destroy it.

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