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Default Re: Safety First: What the unsaved trash NEED to know about demon - 08-26-2013, 02:53 AM

Originally Posted by Cardinal Dario Fungi View Post
You impertinent woman! Do you want to get those who are possessed KILLED? The ONLY thing you can do is contact the Holy Roman Catholic Church!

We have been in the exorcism business for 2,000 years. Are you sure you aren't possessed? Just in case, read this:

Everywhere you see (X) make the sign of the Catholic cross on yourself. This is very important. if you fail to do this, or do it at the wrong time, you may STRENGTHEN the demon instead of weakening it.

Translation for those too ignorant of basic Latin, the Holy Language of God and Mother Mary:Just so we are all clear, this is JUST THE BEGINNING. A trained priest will then do the rest of the ritual as listed below. If you think you have a demon possession on your hands, contact your local Catholic church. Our rates are very reasonable.
This will make the demons go away if i may ask;by babbling meaningless words. Instead of exercising the authority in the name and blood of Jesus with authority.
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