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Default Greetings - 04-16-2012, 07:22 AM

I never actually ever intended to get past "Unsaved Trash", because frankly, I don't have much time to spend on the internet between my days of work, worship and being a father. But here I am, obedient as always, apologetic that I did not come here at first as I should have.

We'll start this off by saying my name is Jack Aciel Nicolas, otherwise known as "Jack Nick" to all my friends. I am the father of one son, who is at the age of five, and the husband of no one, as unfortunately my wife passed away two years ago in a fatal car accident with one of the local buses.

We both attend church every Sunday for both services of morning and night, as luckily God has given me work that provides me time to attend both. We both show our attendance in the Victory Baptist Church, home to many friendly faces and open hearts.

And for the stuff that is requested of me...

I can not place a finger on a single verse of the Bible to label as my favorite; I do not believe that I am capable of taking such holy words and pointing at a paragraph and saying "This one is the best".

Jesus has always been a part of my life, even from the very few moments of birth, as I was the unfortunate accident of a stillborn. That's right, dead before I passed into God's world, and yet apparently life was not to end for me on that day, for I, after being placed in one of the wards, came to again only a few minutes later. Some said it was a miracle, others say it was a bad diagnosis by the doctors, and whatever they say about that day, I believe that on that day, I was saved. Who am I to turn down such a wonderful gift as life, to merely just throw it back into God's face and walk down a different path than what has been laid out before me?

The Bible comes to me as words of comfort, as maybe I will one day find my way to Heaven so that I may thank the Lord for what he gave to me, every day of my life, through sickness and loss, there has always been a bit of shining light in the distance for me to reach out to. The warmth in my heart each night as I make my prayers, when I may pass through the doors of my church to sing praise, and the smile of my son when I return from a hard day's work.
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