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    Re: History proves: Trump is right, Putin is a genius

    Originally posted by H. Montague Worthington View Post
    But in failing at every one of those businesses and acting like an ass when it happens, he has forged a tight-knit community... a political base... of the White Christian religious community, failed business owners, snake oil salesmen, racists, grifters, con men, hackers, greedy dupes ready to shell out thousands just to be close to "The Great Man," used car salesmen, knee-jerk contrarians, nihilists, conspiracy theorists, rip-off artists, fraudsters, vandals, bullies, wife-beaters, pathological liars, sociopaths, star-struck celebrity worshipers, loners, social misfits, terrible fathers, bad husbands, cheating spouses, cruel parents, crackpots, the "under-educated," people who don't live within 3 miles of another person, gun nuts, NIMBYs, Hummer drivers, and guys who wear sunglasses on top of their heads like they're hats.
    Don't forget Evangelicals! We're doing our part, too.
    The Christian Right: The Only Right Way to Be a Christian!