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  • Pray for Grant Thompson of The King of Random

    I didn't know who this man is or anything about him. I was walking by my Pa when he shouted “Grant Thompson of Kong of Random is dead!”

    I decided to ask him who that is and his reply was “Some man who used to pilot airplanes and wasn’t afraid of setting off explosives in his backyard. I immediately hopped on my laptop to do my research and I was disgusted by how I thought he was liberal until I found out he was a man who called out fake news when he saw it.

    If this man is a Trumper, I am requesting a prayer for him as it would mean that the glorious Donald J Trump lost a warrior of the MAGA Army.

    I am curious as to how he died. Was it quick? Was it slow and horrible? I’m curious to know how God took care of this man.
    My name is Maxine Levantine. I am 17 and follow the KJV Bible to a T. If you are wanting to hit on me you can turn away. THIS is reserved for Jesus and my future husband (whoever that may be).