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Default Re: My wife bought me one of those stupid little chocolate bunnies last year - 03-11-2014, 02:01 AM

Originally Posted by Magnolia View Post
well it is just chocolate, just a friendship gift
Careful, not too long ago I remember people were saying "it's just a pumpkin" but fast forward a few decades and now all manner of witchcraft and blasphemy is celebrated on our streets each year.

Pagan cults have always wanted to hijack and pervert Christmas and Easter too. With Christmas they invented the idol "Santa Claus", a symbol of Greed. With Easter they invented the idol "Easter Bunny" with it's succulent chocolate eggs, a symbol of Gluttony mocking Lent. A rabbit laying chocolate eggs is a perversion of the natural order as the Bible makes it clear that rabbit kind will only beget rabbit kind and not chocolate kind. I have also read a theory that a rabbit laying a chocolate egg is a symbolic mockery of the resurrection, although personally I think that link is tenuous.