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Default Re: FINAL PROOF! OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! - 01-03-2009, 01:39 AM

Originally Posted by Trent Harvey, Jr. View Post
We point out that President Hussien is ungodly because of his birthplace, and you say "No, his birthplace isn't unGodly, it's HAWAII?!?"

Is THIS what a president is supposed to look like?

The New York Times confirms that Hawaiians are exotic followers of a jungle witchcraft cult they call "Aloha Spirit":

The mood of Mr. Obama, to many observers here in Hawaii, embodies the Aloha Spirit, a peaceful state of mind and a friendly attitude of acceptance of a variety of ideas and cultures. More than simply a laid-back vibe, many Hawaiians believe in a divine and spiritual power that provides a sustaining life energy.
Now, Brethren. NOW you see the awful life I suffer through out here on the furthest island in the world from any continent. ONLY because I was flown (a bumpy ride in a jet helicopter) from my small home to Oahu to vacation with the President-elect and pray over the warm, blue Pacific Ocean, did he avoid being eaten by the huge Tiger sharks which patrol our shores against infidels!

And why did JESUS order me to provide that protection? Because Brother Obama's white half is firmly in the ring with Landover Baptist against evil. Sadly, we cannot officially admit him as a member because he is still half Hawaiian. But he promised to support every agenda we put forth, even if he cannot do so publicly for political reasons.

He was very receptive to saving the billions of dollars we waste every year in the "war on drugs". Logically, all dope-fiends should be able to go to the store and buy an overdose for a dollar. Then that money could go to more practical things like faith-based initiatives and buying Canada.

I am sworn to secrecy because of National Security issues, but Gothism will be outlawed soon as it is merely a front for terrorists to disguise themselves with qweer clothes and GODawful makeup.

Interestingly enough, neither the President nor any of his staff or cabinet are required to be tested for drugs. I didn't know that, but it was a fun New Year's eve!

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