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Default Re: Miss Lycia's Five Easy Steps to Stop Being a Hellbound Harlot - 11-29-2010, 10:10 PM

Originally Posted by ChristianCrusader View Post
Sorry, cannot send you a private message message.

If this picture and the others are from when you are unsaved, why do you still use them for your profile?

Are you sure you aren't a 50 year old dude sitting in his stim chair with his {} hanging out?

I happen to know that Philadelphia is NOT a big modeling city either. So how'd you get picked up by the wires from a 2ndary outlet?
I just love how you call us the intollerant ones, yet you are the one who won't let her past lay. God has forgiven Lycia for her past sins. She has turned her life around and is living according to the KJV Bible, yet YOU won't forgive her for her previous sins. I realize that you atheists think that you know better than God, but how can you call yourself tolerant when all you really want to do is drag people back into the gutters that they have crawled out of? It makes me sick that you have absolutely no tolerance for anyone who wants to straighten their lives out. Instead you give drugs to addicts and condoms to perverts and call that "tolerance".

It makes me sick.

Drama queen
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