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    Re: Is the Bible against abortion?

    As I mentioned in another thread children are the property of the husband/father. Not the wife. The biggest problem with abortion is that it lets the mother, someone who has no right or claim to the property destroy/kill it. Is it okay for someone else to smash your TV, computer, or car? No.

    If it were the father that were given the right to terminate the pregnancy, I might reconsider my stance on abortion. Of course, many of these women are such harlots that they probably don't know who the father is or are willing to lie about it. Unfortunately, many men are deceived by these harlots. So it's risky to give this authority to anyone who just claims to be the father.

    Originally posted by Elmer G. White View Post
    Dear Pastor,

    Our Creation Science team has worked for the past 7 years to re-create the bitter water described in Numbers 5:12-28.

    I think that the passage provides an important addendum to your article. Basically, it is about bastards. The real victim of adultery is of course the husband, so God offered the victim a way out: The husband could by his choice and free will present his adulterous wife to a priest. The woman would drink bitter water and had she sinned, the bastard would be terminated. This is also an elegant way to give responsibility to the one that suffers from adultery and the following pregnancy the most, the betrayed husband.

    I think this is the only viable solution that takes the rights of all parties (that is to say, the rights of the husband/father to terminate the pregnancy and the rights of the mothers to have no say in the matter) into account.

    Perhaps this is a tad of an extreme measure, but I wonder if making this bitter water a mandatory drink for all pregnant women wouldn't be a good idea. Most men are too ignorant or too cowardly to accuse their wife of cheating on them. While I am skeptical of secular science, I feel there may be some truth in this particular article due to my even greater skepticism of women One in 25 fathers is not biological parent - study. Now, I know what your immediate reaction might be "Most of these guys who would take care of someone else's kids aren't true Christians, and they deserve what they get." but it's these types of relationships that breed criminals, welfare parasites, and worst of all, Democrat voters into our society. I'm also sure that the would be adopted fathers to someone else's children would appreciate the revelation that their wives weren't as faithful as they thought they were. It could enough be the catalyst needed to turn many of these fornicators away from sin and into a True Christian lifestyle, knowing that only a True Christian wife will provide the values needed to raise a family. Making this solution mandatory would be a great benefit to society as a whole, and you could make a tidy profit along the way.
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      Re: Is the Bible against abortion?

      Disagree? By failing to register and debate me, you prove that liberals are factless frauds who only persuade through intimidation. To prove otherwise, debate me!
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        Re: Is the Bible against abortion?

        I reviewed this thread and tried to follow the complex and deep philosophical arguments. I'm not a theologian and my summary of everything presented may reflect this.

        I find the Bible condemns abortion by a.) the many references to how much Jesus and a few others loved children and b.) when children were killed, disciplined or treated badly it was because their parents sinned and this was God's punishment.

        This is why we know without question God hates abortion.
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