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  • "New Age" guru nailed for torturing daughter

    "New Age" guru Melvin Morse, a pediatrician labeled one of the best in the US, is known for his books about near-death experiences in children. Never do these NDEs involve Jesus, or Hell. Instead, he seems to promote a pantheistic view of some sort.

    Apparently, he was trying to get more material when he repeatedly "waterboarded" his eleven-year-old daughter. According to her, he told her she "could go five minutes without brain damage".

    He was previously accused of abuse when police investigated an accusation that he dragged the child by the ankle across a gravel driveway and beat her.

    Morse and his wife, Pauline, were both arrested. Pauline was released on $14,500 bail; Morse is still incarcerated.

    This, my brothers and sisters, is what happens when parents are not Christian. These two "New Agers" thought it perfectly appropriate to not only use a common CIA information extraction technique as a punishment, but to use their own children for "scientific" experiments which I seriously doubt were approved by any university's ethics review board.

    How many other non-Christian parents abuse their children? How many will take after bestselling author Morse, now that they know what "a top pediatrician" recommends for his own children?

    This must stop. Once Mitt Romney is elected, we must pass legislation requiring all non-Christian parents to sign powers of attorney to their state for custody of their children. Those non-Christian parents who report regularly and pass home inspections may continue to care for their children, while any who refuse or who fail inspections or go on welfare will have their children removed and placed with True Christian(tm) families.
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