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  • What is the best prayer for a doubting Thomas?

    I am so sorry. I wish I could behave as the Catholics do, just whipping myself and being done with it. I have committed one of the most terrible sins a person can commit. I am having doubts.

    I'm asking, what it Donald Trump doesn't become president?

    Please pray for my soul, for all I can do is look at the bright side, as if there ever could be a bright side to a Trumpless White House.

    I've been thinking "At least Trump has emboldened White Nationalists to come out of hiding and take on the race-traitors. His job is already done, by making us realize that we are a sizable group - and even if we are not a majority, we have a realistic hope of becoming one. Only a devastating election loss can debunk this, and as long as his opnents keep doing things like getting complacent, half-voting by voting for third parties, and being bitter Bern-outs, Trump's defeat will not be overwhelming, and open White Nationalist activism will be here to stay."

    I know, it's so defeatist. Pray for me to stay the course.

    Maybe I'm being selfish asking you to waste God's time by praying for me. Instead pray that liberals keep doing things like getting complacent, voting for third parties, not voting Democratic down-ticket, and being bitter Bern-outs. Also pray that they lose interest after the election, and fail to vote in 2018. Low-turnout gerrymandered elections are the perfect place for our newly legitimized White Nationalist movement to take Congress.

    In my defeatist look-at-the-bright-side moments I think about how much Donald Trump has changed American political life, the barriers he's broken, the norms, habits, and unwritten rules that are now gone forever, unless he is defeated in a massive, historical landslide. Isn't that good enough? He's taken on almost every rule that makes up "democracy", and proved you can call democracy's bluff and get off with a slap on the wrist.

    And think of the entire world that is watching us. The billion are so Muslims who make up the "swing vote" that decides who wins the war on terror. When they saw a Muslim ask Donald Trump asked what he would do about fear of Muslims - and him responding by spreading more fear of Muslims, right to her face - they must have started asking if he represents a small minority of Americans, or a silent majority. Pray for liberals to fail to vote against him, so the world will know the true character of America. We need total war against all Muslims, NOW, while we can still win it.

    Think of the billion+ Chinese people who are wondering what democracy really is, and if it's a good idea for them. They beleive what their government says, that democracy rewards divisive rabble-rousers and sowers of discord. If Trump is completely devastated, they will doubt their government on this matter. If Trump gets off without severe punishment, they will conclude that this is a typical election in a typical democracy, and the Chinese system of government will wisely stay the course.
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    Re: What is the best prayer for a doubting Thomas?

    White people- do not despair! Hillary Clinton will become the next President of America and we will still have a place for you unless you are an old white man. The people of America and the world have had enough of old white men. Hillary is not an old white man and she will be the new leader of the whole world and Babylon too. Donald Trump may have to go to jail for his lies about how Hillary became so rich and for telling so many lies. All politicians in Babylon become rich so why should not Hillary become rich? White men do not want her to get rich like them because they want all the money for themselves. I myself have become involved in politics and I would like to become rich too. That will only be possible for the Black man when we get rid of the old white men.
    Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: Extol him that rideth upon the heavens By his name JAH, and rejoice before him.-Psalms 68:4