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  • Project Sodom a Go!

    Dear Friends,

    How can we FIGHT homosexuals if we don't understand what makes them tick, their strategies and wiles?

    As with any problem, the biggest impediment to our progress (in wiping out the gay menace) has been a lack of solid information. That's why Landover Baptist Church(c), after prolonged negotiations with relevant US government agencies, has greenlit "Project Sodom" -- intended to be the greatest accumulation of information on homosexuals (and how to cure them) ever assembled.

    Specifically, Project Sodom will unearth the gay mind by bringing together, coding, sorting, and analyzing a truly massive amount of homosexual pornography. Because the True Christian(tm) Scientists handling this sensitive material are innoculated by God's grace from being perverted, the godly process of unmasking the enemy will pose us no risk. There's literally no dirty little gay thought that is hid from the mind of God -- or, soon, from the researchers at Project Sodom.

    Taking a cue from the secular sciences (like that waste of time SETI), PS will allow lay persons to help with this gargantuan endeavor. For a modest contribution, any True Christian(tm) can take part in this exciting opposition research, performing rigorous analysis of the filth which the pink mafia would choke down our throats.

    Pratical application of the information so gained will be almost limitless -- from inspiring legislation to perfecting the cure of gay tendencies to... probably something else.

    Sign up for Project Sodom today!

    Yours in Him,