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  • Use of "Unsaved Unwelcome?"


    Today I received what must have been a mistakenly sent invoice for the use of the words "Unsaved Unwelcome" in conjunction with my pie business. I was informed unless I pay "fair royalties" that I must cease and desist to use this phrase.

    I threw the bill and letter in my luxurious important trash can shredder, since I am sure it was a hoax. I am sure that will be the end of it?

    Remember where your pie comes from, fellows:
    1 Samuel 8:13 "And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cookes, and to be bakers."
    Naomi Ruth Lamb, Proprietress:
    Naomi's Moist Pie - Unsaved Unwelcome!
    Locations in 50 States and Canada
    !Voted Best Pie in Freehold!
    Once you've tasted Naomi's pie, you'll crave it again and again and again and again.
    Baptist pastors always receive a 50% discount.