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Default Re: Flat Earth? Hell Yes! - 01-25-2008, 01:11 AM

Originally Posted by Bobby-Joe View Post
DJ Troll; is the path of light effected by gravity yes or no? Have you ever heard of astronomers using gravitational lensing to see distant stars?

Perhaps you should do some reseach of your own.

A gravitational lens is formed when the light from a very distant, bright source (such as a quasar) is "bent" around a massive object (such as a cluster of galaxies) between the source object and the observer.
'very distant', 'cluster of galaxies'. In relation to how big the universe is, the sun is hardly 'very distant' from the Earth, especially in relation to a galaxy, let alone a whole cluster of them.
Allow me to clarify: Our Sun is a star. A Galaxy is a collection of hundreds of thousands of stars. Other than the Sun, the closest star to Earth is Proxima Centauri, which is almost 40 trillion kilometres away, (39.9 to be exact). The sun is 150 million km away, which is comparatively small.
The size of several collections of millions of stars trillions of kilometres away from one another is sensationally greater than the distance between the Sun and the Earth.
Gravity is the force between 2 objects. Light is energy, not an object. It is composed of photons, which have no mass, hence being able to travel at the speed of light. Having no mass, they are virtually unaffected by gravity and so would not be bent even remotely in such a short distance.

If the Sun went around underneath the Earth at night, why, therefore is it night in Australia when it is day in the UK?. It is 00:52 GMT now, yet it is 19:52 EST. If the Sun was above all the Earth, it should be equally light in different parts of the world at all times. Yet I am sitting here next to my window in the UK and it is most certainly totally dark out, when for you the Sun may still be setting.

America is roughly 7000km from the UK. Light travels at a speed of 299,796,000 m/s. According to your flat Earth theory, light should take at least 5 hours to reach the UK from America. But if you do a simple calculation, you will see that it in fact takes alot less than 1 second.

There is your flat Earth foolishness proven wrong. When the Bible says 'the four corners of the Earth' and other such things, they are strictly metaphorical. Taking every word of the Bible literally is foolishness, it was even said by many followers of Christ during His time that Christ spoke in riddles.
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