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Default Re: Tolerance - 02-18-2008, 09:41 AM

I can't say that people are tolerant here (besides Zeke, he seems to be a rare case so this is not directed at you), but I do have some advice to stop the ongoing constant accusations that people here are known as "Christian Extremists":

- Don't judge people until you actually understand where they are coming from, thinking you do know is different to asking if you have it right.
- Knowing other religions beliefs, reading their "version" of a bible/Qu'ran is a start. It may even enlighten you and help you better understand your own. Even say, "Wow, this is directly parallel to my bible"
- People are not "unsaved trash" this is rude and is a very negative put-down to call someone hence why alot of people are negative towards you all, too my first point, it is not your place to judge. Jesus will do that so nothing needs to be said. Leave it to the man in charge.
- No one is more important than anyone else. In the large scheme of it. We are all insignificant earthlings with our own morals and beliefs. Asians, Europeans, Australians, Africans, Canadian, Americans we are all the same. Thinking your above anyone is discusting. I can tell you right now that if one of you did, sure there will be upset people, but to most people... who are you. If America suddenly combusted, Im sorry to say but 99 percent of other countries will be cheering rather than crying.

Lastly.... What is a religion?
Religion is your OWN PERSONAL beliefs. Whether it is believing in a God or multiple. I don't see know one person can be so ignorant to think that there are no other possibilities in the world. Christianity, Anglican, Catholic, Muslim. All it is is categorising beliefs. The sign of a strong person is not one that follows the flock, but one that listens different views and makes up their own mind. I personally think that many people here need to grow a spine.

Banning me or giving me an infraction to this is just proving my point.
Just remember, it is better to attract people to your religion than turn them off and about now I am tempted to run
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