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Default Re: 101 REASONS WHY GOD HATES GOTHS! - 12-28-2008, 03:24 PM

Originally Posted by Brother_Percy View Post
Continuing my '101 Reasons why' Series, I was astonished to notice that we haven't covered the Goths yet.... so here goes....


Reason No. 1 - Goths are Terrorists

Yes, Goths are Domestic Terrorists - the facts speak for themselves. How many School schootings this year? I've lost count.
And I guess you know that they were all GOTHS that committed these crimes?

These Nazi Hitler-worshipping scumbags are never happy unless they're massacring a whole mess of school-kids, or lobbing pipe-bombs at their fellow classmates - for fun! [/quote]
Was Hitler a GOTH? Do you even know what a Goth is?

Originally Posted by Brother_Percy View Post
Reason No. 2 - Goths drink their own urine.

It's a well known fact that Goths drink their own urine. In fact some, like psychopathic goth killer Luke Mitchell, keep their urine bottled-up in their bedrooms for sharing with their sicko friends. Disgusting!
And you can't have any, so there.

Originally Posted by Brother_Percy View Post
Reason No. 3 - Goths are Pedophiles.

We all know the scandal of the '700 club', where 30 girls aged from between 13 - 16 were lured into joining a pedophile vampire 'family' by sick Goth child rapist Jon C Bush.

In New York City police also charged another 23-year-old man with a series of rapes of underage girls, whom he met through Police say a site photo showed him standing over a tombstone with a black cape and long purple locks of hair hanging over his face. He was arrested when he arrived at a cemetery one night expecting to have sex with a 13-year-old girl he met through the site. But his alleged online prey was actually an undercover police woman.

This isn't the first time last year that VampireGeeks was in the media. is the same website that was linked to a 12-year-old girl and her 23-year-old pedophile boyfriend who are accused of killing her family in Medicine Hat, Alberta, last summer.

I think it's obvious these goths are nothing but child-raping nutbags!

This is an example of conjecture. I can't believe that you actually have the time to sit here and waste my time with unsubstantiated crap that claim to be truth. Did GOTH not actually come from a sect of Christianity during the Medieval Dark Ages? Get your facts straight before you start lambasting them with your ignorance.
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