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Default Re: Informative World Map - 10-25-2008, 11:08 AM

Originally Posted by Ezekiel Bathfire View Post
Hello everyone,
I saw on another thread that some Unsaved Trash didn't know where Chinks came from, so I thought I'd make a map of the world to show everyone where everyone else is.

I would have liked to have room to show how bits of the USA are infested with papists or Lutherans, or that the French smell of garlic, their women are harlots and their men are all homers, but there's just not the room.

Perhaps I'll do some more detailed ones later.

Anyway, I hope this helps:

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I will not call you out for racism. Instead, I will criticize you for your lack of world knowledge and your poor geography.

Mistakes on your map:

1. Eskimos do NOT live in Iceland or Siberia, and very few live in Ontario or Quebec.
2. Eastern and southeast Alaska do NOT belong to Canada.
3. I didn't know that southern Canada, Nova Scotia, northeast Mexico, the western tip of Cuba, and northwest Bahamas belong to the US...
4. Arizona is actually one of the most conservative states in the United States, far from being classified as 'homers and liberals.'
5. Jamaica and Panama are NOT in Mexico.
6. The Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago are NOT communist countries.
7. Brazilians do NOT have a reputation for smuggling drugs.
8. So, 'Could Be Anything' is a country? I believe it's called Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and southeast Brazil.
9. Iceland should be included as part of Scandinavia, or 'sex mad' as you call it.

There's more which I'll edit in later.
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