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Default Re: FINAL PROOF! OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! - 12-20-2010, 07:47 AM

Originally Posted by WilliamJenningsBryan View Post
I don't trust those Buddha types either, especially the ones that are into that Tantra - those multi-hour orgasms drain the blood from their brains till they have very few working cells left.

In this case it looks like this crazed poster is on to something - the evening lottery winning number is indeed "666".

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The numbers were there on the day Obama was victorious, the day the world discovered this man, the Illinois Lottery hammered down the heavenly verdict: 666.

Pass this on to the world and it will reveal everything.

Do, it the world is counting on you. Don't heistate a second and don't turn back, leave this world behind and reveal this to the world everywhere to everyone.

Move fast, be messengers of the truth fast.
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