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Default Re: FINAL PROOF! OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! - 12-20-2010, 08:24 AM

Originally Posted by WilliamJenningsBryan View Post
I don't trust those Buddha types either, especially the ones that are into that Tantra - those multi-hour orgasms drain the blood from their brains till they have very few working cells left.

In this case it looks like this crazed poster is on to something - the evening lottery winning number is indeed "666".

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Obama was elected Nov. 4. at 8PM.

His glory was next day from the morning on.

In the evening at 7PM he was hammered by heavenly sign 666 issued from the Illinois State Lottery broadcast on all media, radio, TV, newspapers etc...

It was relayed by all national news in their Lottery sections. It was in NY times, LA times, Chicago Tribune (I've got that on file and will send if someone wants to see it i.e. front page, second page, general view plus blow up of the Lottery section), each and every US paper carried the 666 sign of heaven.

I believe in prophecy and that the 666 prophecy has realized and shown us the face of the Mark of the Beast on Obama's victory-day.

I know it takes some wisdom to understand this calculation of the Mark of the Beast of 666 because the election was Nov.4. and the celebration was next morning on the 5th, but for those few who can use their brain the Apocalypse is clear. Just go do it or you'll turn into a statue of salt.

Spread everywhere to everyone and do it go go go!

Like military hit the ground running.

The Apocalypse is not for the weak!
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