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Default Re: Scientific proof the Earth is flat! - 04-10-2010, 03:43 AM

Originally Posted by Alexander Jonsson View Post
Read my article again, I have already answered your question. Why do you hate Jesus?
OK I read the entire thread and it still didn't answer my question. In fact, This to me sounds about right:

Originally Posted by Rev. Jim Osborne
These pictures are wrong on so many levels, I have no idea where to begin.

  1. If the sun was hundreds of times bigger than Earth like in those pictures, we would burn up. The sun is no more than 500 miles away, as proven by mathematics. If this were true, the whole sky would be made up of the sun and the earth would be devoured in intense heat.
hate to break it to you but i think you'll find the distance of the sun has already been proven to be further away than 500 miles using mathmatics!
  1. Stars are not giant balls of red gas, but actually diamonds. Again, if stars like Arturus and Betelgeuse were so big, why do they look so small in the sky? Also when you look at them, they are not red. They are twinkly and silvery-white, just like diamonds.
if you were to take an orange. place it 1 meter in front of you. take a picture. then place it 10 meters in front of you. and take a picture. the picture at 10 meters makes the orange look smaller than it actually is. its a similar principal for the stars. they are so far away that only a tiny bit of light reaches the earth which is why they seem so tiny.
  1. The Earth is not a sphere. That's just a bogus old wives' tale that spread around so heavily that everyone believes that nonsense. If the Earth was really a sphere, then people in Australia would fall off into space. Gravity is a downwards force.
yes gravity is a downward force. where are you coming from exactly? in space there is no "down" as such. down and up only exists on planets. and as such if you went to australia you would not fall off because the centre of the earth is our "down".

Also, I do not hate Jesus. Where did you get that from?
The Jews obviously hated Jesus. They're the ones who crucified him.
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