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handmaiden 02-21-2018 09:06 PM

Guns GOOD! Porn BAD! Florida Defends Jesus!
Praise The Lord and pass the ammunition--literally!

The Holy Spirit descended upon the State Legislature in Tallahassee, Florida this Day of Our Lord, February 21, 2018.

The Republicans there passed a bill to declare pornography a public health risk. They also voted to prevent even a debate on assault weapons.

Their wisdom rivals King Solomon's in this decision. They know that if you let the public starting blathering about assault weapons someone will come up with the dangerous idea to ban them.

They also know that pornography kills uncounted lives that could have been raised up to worship Christ. Instead, millions of souls are condemned to an eternity of darkness without Jesus, because they were never conceived and allowed to be born and hear the Gospel.

Pornography has endangered the existing population as well. It doesn't just render sacred man-seed wasted, it discourages marriage and makes young women into whores.

Anyone who really respects the Bible and honors God KNOWS that pornography is the greatest threat that our youth will ever face!

Guns kill a few hundred school kids a year. That's nothing. God commanded many of His prophet/warriors to "utterly slay every male among them" on more than one occassion. This included the adolescent boys and the toddlers and the suckling babes.

(And the bulls and billy goats-- which was a real hardship on God's people because they could have made good use of that livestock. But that's another story for another time.)

The Lord once sent a couple of bears to rip apart 42 young children in the space of a few minutes. . . Or maybe it took longer. I've never actually witnessed a bear mauling, but if the bears had been sluggush about it you would think that at least one or two kids could have gotten away, right?

Anyway, getting back to the gun death body count-- a few tens of thousands of dead men, women and children don't mean anything. They don't mean anything to Almighty God, because His Holy Body Count is--as stated--MUCH higher. And they don't mean anything to the Republicans in charge down in Florida because they KNOW the price of freedom has always been blood.

Jesus paid the price of our freedom from sin with His blood, and a few citizens each year is hardly an exorbitant price to pay for the freedom we, True Americans™, deserve in being allowed to protect ourselves from all the dangerous, often atheist, nutcases out there.

Florida, especially, has to be well armed in case any Cubans or Puerto Ricans show up on their shores; also in case the ones born in this country revert to form and try to rob and rape white people.

That is the public health threat many Americans live with day in and day out. Asking them to live without guns is cruel and unusual. Spurring on the brown-skinned population with pornography to become even more threatening is beyond the pale.

Thank you, Florida Republicans for defending Jesus, Decency, and American Values by throwing out the smut and keeping assault weapons in our homes where they belong.

Glory to God in the Highest!

Dr. Anthony J. Toole 02-22-2018 02:43 AM

Re: Guns GOOD! Porn BAD! Florida Defends Jesus!
Hallelujah! If the price of Freedom is the blood of someone else's children then count me in. That sweet Freedom means that people, like that mentally ill kid and the Muslim guy and that middle age guy and dozens of others every year, won't be inconvenienced with a background check that could literally take a few minutes. The future of America depends on it, it's do or die literally for those children. Don't allow the gun massacre victims to die in vain.

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