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Originally Posted by Faith_Machine View Post
Welcome to the friendliest forum on the Internet, friend!

I can't help but notice that Twelve-underscore-Thirteen-underscore sounds a lot like a robot name! Are you a robot? We recently had a gay robot join our forums. Truly amazing what those scientists come up with nowadays.

Anyway, more about you!

How many sons has your wife generated for you, and what is your favorite type of pie for her to bake?
Thank you!

What does gay robot mean? Robot that have robotics only with similar robots? I think itís not amazing if scientists have done something like that. That must be the most important thing for all scientists to do first.

I am not robot. Itís not possible to make robot that could win all atheists in verbal fights, like I do

But as you must understand, it is not important who or what I am. Jesus and his words are important. We should focus only to him and his words. Thatís why I think this is enough of me. It is enough for you to know, I am only humble servant to Jesus.

Like Jesus said:
If I testify about myself, my witness is not valid.
John 5:31
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