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Default Re: JcPenny: Pornography delivered to your home! - 08-25-2010, 06:45 AM

Originally Posted by Rev. Jim Osborne View Post
Look at this harlot! She is looking erotically into a camera, enticing the viewer to "come and get it". The soft brown hair drapes around her shoulders and her plump, firm bosom makes the viewer's heart beat faster. The worst part about it is she is not even wearing panties, allowing the viewer to entertain fantasies about what lies beneath...
Easy there my brother. Don't let Satan tempt you!

Originally Posted by Brother Enoch View Post
Are you worried Daddy will wake up and hear you clicking on the keyboard and come up for his nightly 'visit'? Don't worry, he'll lose interest in a couple of years when you turn 14.
This isn't a very Christian comment Brother Enoch. Satan has obviously invaded your mind. Repent!

Originally Posted by WWJDnow View Post
How would they feel if their mothers saw this kind of raw, virile, well-formed masculinity on display?
This comment borders on latent homosexuality which is a sin. Repent brother, repent!

Originally Posted by Heathen_Basher View Post
The word "whore" appears in the Bible 65 times.

The word "harlot" appears in the Bible 48 times.

True, "slut" does not appear in the Bible, but the word "perverse" is there 29 times. "Adulterer" is there 12 times. "Lewd" appears 20 times. Or more liberal translations of the Bible, these words are sometimes rendered "slut".

Do you think God, author of the Bible, is an elitist jerk and ruining the name of Christians everywhere?
The person who counted these terms isn't much of a Christian.

By the way, I hate to be the one to break it to you but God did not write the Bible. That is widely accepted as fact.

Originally Posted by Lola Sledge View Post
Yesterday morning Emil and I went to the mall,It was very busy to say the least.I got separated form Emil and went looking for him. 45 minutes latter I found him standing in front of the Victoria's Secret store ,his face was beet red and his jaw was almost hitting the floor .In side some of the sluts that work there were walking around in their undergarments and high heals,one of them sluts was wearing THONG panties and another had on a black Teddi.I took me almost 10 minutes to pull Emil away from the window, I think he was in shock.What is the matter with them sluts ,the mall was plum full of kids and grown men,have they no shame?
It sounds like he was sexually excited. Satan got to him.

Originally Posted by Bob4God View Post
My word Lola, this is horrifying news! We should alert Officer Don and Rev. Jim immediately! These harlots need discipline, saving, and then more discipline!
Are spankings mentioned in the Bible?

This Victoria Secret ad is even more disgusting than those JCPenney ads. The people who published this filth will surely burn in hell!
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