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Default Re: Over 2,500 Racial Slurs In a Month - 01-29-2009, 03:44 PM

OK, here's the next lot:
  • Beaner Hispanics Because they are known to have a lot of beans in their diet and are also hired many times to pick beans for (sometimes less than) minimum wage.
  • Beaner Ball Hispanics Soccer is quite popular in Mexico and South America.
  • Beaner Shnitzel Mixed Races German/Hispanic mix
  • Beaniard Hispanics Refers to the Spanish origin "Spaniard" mixed "Bean", with a commom food in many Mexican dishes.
  • Beanie Jews Referring to the yarmulke.
  • Bear Blacks Black Educated And Rich
  • Beastie Boy Jews Jews who act Black, like the Jewish rap group The Beastie Boys.
  • Beaver-Beater French Canadians Fur trade.
  • Bebe's Kids Blacks Reference to a stand up comic's famous bit about Bebe's kids that inspired a movie years later.
  • Bed Time Asians Reference to their eyes.
  • BeecherWhites For white people who kowtow to Black people or racist White People. Derived from the show "Oz" on HBO, where the character Beecher was raped and sodomized by Blacks and Racist whites.
  • Bee-Keeper Afghans Because Arab women are clothed from head to toe, even their faces, and they look like bee keepers.
  • Beggar Blacks Black people often want "something for nothing."
  • Belgie Belgians Shortening of word
  • Bennie Falkland Islanders The Islanders were named after a less than academically gifted character (Benny) in a mediocre British TV soap (Crossroads) by British troops stationed on the Islands after the failed Argentinian invasion.
  • Bergie Blacks Originally referring to the primarily coloured hobos who live on Table Mountain near Cape Town.
  • Berry Picker Hispanics Refers to Hispanics who would work berry fields in California, specifically illegal immigrants, as their employer didn't have to pay them as much.
  • BET Blacks Black Entertainment Television
  • Betty Vietnamese Bouncing Bettys in Vietnam War
  • Beur Arabs Verlan (French slang) for "reube", which is itself verlan for "Arabe". Usually used for children of migrants from Maghreb settled in France in the 60-70's. Not inherently derogatory.
  • BFI Native Americans The "Big piffleing Indian" at the back of the bar you dont want to piss off.
  • BFI (2) Blacks BFI, the name of a waste disposal company, is on the side of their dumpsters. Stands for Black Family Inside.
  • Bhindu Indians Similar to "hillbilly" or simpleton. Bindu is a Sanskrit word meaning drop. The word bindi, which is the typical "red dot" worn on the forehead of Indian men and women, comes from this word.
  • Bhrempti Indians Their pronunciation of the number 20.
  • Bible-Shortener Jews Seen on a Conan O'Brien sketch "Rednecks' Favorite Euphemisms for Jews," backwards refers to the difference between the Christian Bible and the Jewish one. The Christian Bible includes the "New Testament" whereas the Jewish Bible does not.
  • Bic-Needer French Most likely because French women don't tend to shave there arm pits and legs.
  • Big Mac Scottish A large Scottish man.
  • Big Nose Jews Refers to how Jews are said to have large noses.
  • Big Nose (2) Whites Term used by Asians when refering to westerners because of their larger noses
  • Big Red Native Americans A fat native person. Refference to the gum with the same name.
  • Bin Laden Arabs Self-explanatory
  • Binder Indians slang for turbin
  • Bindi Indians From the dot that Hindu women wear on their foreheads.
  • Bingo Bengalis Derogatory, used by Indians and Pakistanis
  • Bingo-Bongo Blacks Italian wordplay of African names/language
  • Bink Mixed Races Black/Chinese Mix. Black person with Chinese or "Chink" blood
  • Bipty Indians When an Indian gives you change at 7-11, they sound like they're saying, "Here is one dollar and bipty cents."
  • Biscuit Head Koreans KATUSAS - Koreans augmented to the United States Army, commonly referred to as Biscuit Heads by American GI's, because of their square heads.
  • Biscuit Lip Blacks Reference to large lips.
  • Bix Nood Blacks From a racist cartoon spread on the internet where a black man is breaking into a house saying "mup da doo ditta po mo BIX NOOD"
  • Bjork Icelanders She's the Icelander everyone knows.
  • Black Barbie Blacks Refers to a black woman when she wears her hair and makeup to try and look like a white woman.
  • Black Bean Mixed Races Mexican/Black. Self Explanitory
  • Black Dagos Italians Believed that some Sicilians are part Black.
  • Black Magic Blacks "It has always fascinated researchers how the black folk manage to get there hands on grog money daily." Specific words of the original submitter, of which I am fascinated by.
  • Black Time Blacks Perceived tendency for Blacks to be late
  • Blackanese Mixed Races Black/Asian mix; from a line by Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2
  • Blackfoot French Possible reference to French-Indian War and/or WW1 and the general sense of French cowardess during wars. Since they had no boots due to the trenches eating them away, when they ran their feet became all covered in mud. Or French born in North Africa.
  • Blackhead Turkish Turkish workers in Europe are degraded because of their darker hair color than German races.
  • Blackie Blacks Self-explanatory.
  • Blackout Native Americans A stereo type of American Indians referencing their prevalence to excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Blacky Chan Blacks Blacks who practice martial arts
  • Blanco Whites 'Blanco' is Spanish for white or blank.
  • Blanket-Ass Native Americans From when the US Government gave tribes blankets.. I guess to make up for killing so many of them. The blankets were also rumored to be infested with smallpox.
  • Blaxican Mixed Races Black/Mexican mix. Pioneered by the Black/Mexican hip-hop group "Delinquent Habits".
  • Bleck Blacks Sounds like the word "black" said with a South African accent.
  • Block Hoppers Puerto Ricans Because so many Puerto Ricans live in Apartment Block to Apartment Block
  • Blockbuster Blacks A real estate agent who sells a home in an upper-class white neighborhood to a black family, thus lowering the values of other homes in the neighborhood. (This can be stretched to include inviting a black or minority friend over for dinner.)
  • Blockhead (1) Germans Refers to the shape of their heads. Term dates back to the beginning of time. Used a lot by Charles M. Schulz in "The Peanuts" comics & cartoons.
  • Blockhead (2) Macedonians Shape of their heads; Australian.
  • Bloke British Used by french canadians to identify english speaking people
  • Blood Blacks LA-based gang. Can be used offensively towards non-gang members.
  • Blood Sucker Romanians Dracula was a Romanian
  • Blow Blacks Originated from blacks originally living in Africa and using blow guns.
  • BLT Blacks "Big-Lipped Tyrone," or for female version "Big-Lipped Tyreesha." Inspired from the 80's version of Degrassi Jr. High where the black guy wore a shirt with the phrase "BLT," his initials.
  • Bludger Australian Aboriginals A bludger, or more accurately "dole-bludger", in Australian slang is someone who doesnt work and relies on the government for money (doles). It is the sterotype that all the Mediterraneans and Aborigianals of Australia are bludgers.
  • Blue collar Mexicans Many illegal immigrants take manual labor jobs.
  • Blue Gums Blacks Old myth that if one were bitten by a nigger with blue gums, they would die.
  • Blue/Blew Mixed Races Black/Jewish Mix.
  • Blushing Black Russians Black Russian / Blussian / Blushing
  • BMO Arabs Muslim Women. Stands for Black Moving Objects - refers to the complete head-to-toe black dress of Muslim women.
  • BMW Blacks "Black Mans Wish," referring to BMW automobiles. Also: "Black Man, Working." Used by young Black women seeking a partner who is steadily employed. That such a code term was coined shows that a "BMW" must be something of a rarity.
  • BMW (2) Mexicans "Big Mexican Woman (or Women)" - applied to heavy or obese Hispanic women.
  • Boat Rower Cubans Many people from Cuba attempt to sneak into the United States via rafts and boats.
  • Bobblehead Blacks Black women have a tendency to violently shake their heads in heated conversations.
  • Bo-Bo Blacks Sounds like a monkeys name or implies stupidty.
  • Boche Germans The French called the Germans this in WWII. "Boche" is short for "alcaboche" or cabbage-head.
  • Bodinki Puerto Ricans Slur used by Portuguse in Hawaii
  • Boffer/Boofer Blacks The Hawaiians or Polynesians call Blacks this name. Same as nigger in the United States.
  • Bög Swedes Finnish people regard Swedish men to be woman-like homosexuals - thus bög which is Swedish for a homosexual
  • Bogan (1) Native Americans Male Native Americans.
  • Bog-Jumper Irish Many bogs in Ireland
  • Bog-trotter Irish Abundance of bogs in Ireland
  • Bohunk Hungarians May be a contraction of 'Bohemian/Hungarian', and might refer to Hungarians, Czechs and Ukrainians (As well as Russians). Possibly of Slavic origin. See: Honky.
  • Bolita Bolivian Argentines refer to the poorer Bolivian immigrants who live in Argentina as "bolitas." It means "small balls" in Spanish.
  • BolognaItalians Reference to Bologna, Italy
  • Bomb Blacks Bombs in cartoons are typically black
  • Bomb Watcher Japanese Refers to atom bombs the US dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII.
  • Bomb-Builder Arabs Many terrorists nowadays are Arabs.
("Blackout Native Americans A stereo type of American Indians referencing their prevalence to excessive alcohol consumption." It's funny 'cos it's true!)

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