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Default Re: Over 2,500 Racial Slurs In a Month - 02-26-2009, 12:29 AM

Hello, and now we’ve come to the letter with the longest single entry, “S”. It also has the longest unlinked explanation:

Spic Hispanics Short for Hispanic. Might also be acronym of SPanish, Indian, and Colored, coming from the mixed breeds that resulted from the union of Spanish colonists, Indian natives, and Black (colored) slaves. From the OED. spic A. n. a. A contemptuous and offensive name for a Spanish-speaking native of Central or South America or the Caribbean; a spiggoty. - It dates back (in print) to at least 1913. However, I understand it first applied to Italian immigrants in the late 1800s - More information: 1938 Amer. Speech XIII. 311/1 "Spiggoty" originated in Panama during Construction Days, and is assumed to be a corruption of 'spikee de' in the sentence 'No spikee de English'

I tried explaining that to the gardener; do you know what he said? 'No spikee de English'! Sometimes I wonder how he got his green card.

Saf South Africans Abreviation of South Africa (commonly used in Britain).
Safe Blacks Because the government gives them food, housing, money and protects them from "hate".
Sailor Blacks Because they constantly wear the clothing line Nauitica, yet very, very few own a boat.
Salami Italians Italian body odor is often reminiscent of salami
Salmon Cruncher Native Americans Salmon is the main part of the diet in many northern villages.
Salmon Nigger Native Americans Salmon was a primary food source for Northwestern Native Americans.
Salt-Prick South Africans Used to define South Africans loyal to Britain. One foot on Africa, one foot on England and their prick dangles into the ocean.
Saltwater Nigger Cubans Immigrants who come to America by boats or ships (or rafts).
Salty Cubans Cubans Who Have Recently Arrived To The U.S.. They're salty because of all the days they were on the Ocean water.
Sam Somalians Shortening of "Somalian"
SAM (2) Mexican Sorry-Ass Mexican
Sambo (1) Indians Derives from the traditional children's story, "The Story of Little Black Sambo" about an Asian Indian who had dark skin.
Sambo (2) Blacks See Little (Black) Sambo.
Sammie Somalians Used by Americans in 1992-1993 when in Somalia. Also known as skinnies
San Blacks (S)tupid (A)ss (N)igger .. see Dan
Sanchez Hispanics Common Hispanic name
Sand Flea Arabs Parasitic sand dwellers.
Sand Groper Australians Derived from the Sand Groper who lives in the western deserts of Australia.
Sand Kisser Arabs When kneeling to Mecca, Arabs bend in a position enabling them to kiss the sand.
Sand Monkey Arabs Same as sand nigger.
Sand Moolie Arabs Same idea as Sand Nigger, only with Moolie.
Sand Nigger Arabs Arabs generally live in sandy places.
Sand Rat Arabs Self Explanatory
Sand Scratcher Arabs Demeaning to people living in deserts
Sandies Arabs Specifically Afghani's & Iraqi's. Used by the 82nd Airborne in 2003.
SandyArabs Yet another sand reference
Sandy Crockett Arabs Patriotic arab. Play on Davey Crockett.
SanfordBlacks From Sanford and Son.
Sanjay Indians Apu's co-worker on the Simpsons is named Sanjay
Sanyika Hungarians Popular name.
SARS Chinese Self Explanatory
Sassenach English Gaelic word for "southerner" or "saxon." Also the Welsh "Sassain." Link
Satchmo Blacks Originally Louis Armstrong's nickname. Can be heard amongst other slurs in the People Haters song, "You're A Nigger"
Saupreiss Germans Austrians and Bavarians use it for Northern Germans. Preiss is Austrian dialect for Preusse (Prussian) and a Sau is a female pig.
Savage Native Americans Americans commonly called Native Americans by this name in the 1800s.
Sayeedi/Saeedi Egyptians Used by Cairenes to refer to inhabitants of Upper Egypt.
SBH Asians Represents their Straight Black Hair.
Scalper Native Americans Based on the Native American practice of scalping enemies.
Scandie Scandinavians Obvious
Scap Mixed Races Scottish/Japanese mix.
Scat Blacks Scat is also known as animal fecal matter, which is brown; also for Scat music which is from black origin
Schemie Scottish White trash in Scotland. Local housing estates in Scotland are called schemes. Schemies are the ones who have never worked and lived on state benefit their whole lives, frequently deal in drugs and stolen goods.
Schiptar Albanians Derives from an Albanian word for themselves, but can be derog. when used by other people to describe Albanians. Also Shiptar, Shqiptar, and other variations exist.
Schleu Germans Frech slur during WWI; common German consonant combination that is unpleasent sounding to French speakers
Schlitzauge Asians German word, literally "eye like a slit"
Schluchtenscheisser Austrians Used by Germans for their beloved Austrian neighbours, stands for someone taking his dumps in canyons (since Austria is very mountainous)
Schmeisser Germans WWII term for a German soldier, derived from a machine gun of the same make.
Schwartza Blacks (sh-var-tza) Stems from the Yiddish word schvartz, or black. It is not derogatory in nature, but usually ends up being used in not the nicest of ways.
Schwarzenigger Blacks A black man who is extremely muscular.
Schwarzie Blacks 'Schwarz' is German for 'black.'
Schwoogie Blacks Believed to be contraction of Yiddish/German schwatrz (black) and boogie.
Scooby Doo Jews Rhyming slang for 'Jew'.
Scotch Scottish Archaic synonym for "Scottish." Fell out of common use because of the association with whiskey, but now used occasionally as a derogatory term. Slur was used to invent the term (brand name) "Scotch Tape"
Scotty Scottish From the Star Trek character of that name.
Scrap Mexicans Slur used by Mexican gang members to degrade other members.
Scratch-Back Hispanics Mexicans (illegals) who crawl under fences, getting their backs scratched up in the process, to get into America.
Scrob Icelanders What fisherman and dockers call Icelanders. From "Scrod," which is a 19th century word for young cod fish.
Sea Jew Norwegians Norwegian Vikings travelled all over the world
Sea Monkey Pacific Islanders Self-explanatory
Seagull Filipinos Possibly from how Filipinos often travel overseas to work like migratory birds (although the seagull is not migratory...). Heard in Japan, used by non-Japanese.
Seal-Clubber Native Americans Clubbing of seals for the fur and meat
Seal-piffleer Canadians Extension of sheep-piffleer, roo-piffleer, etc.
Seaweed-Sucker Asians Seafood diet.
Seinfeld Jews Probably one of the most famous Jews.
Self-Chosen Jews In reference to their moniker 'chosen people of God.'
Semihole Native Americans Referring to the Seminole tribe.
Semi-Simian Blacks Simian meaning of, relating to, or resembling monkeys or apes.
Seoul Man Koreans Describes Koreans who try to act Black.
Sexican Hispanics Refers to how fast the Mexican-American population is increasing.
Shackle Dragger Australians Deported british convicts.
Shade Blacks Old-fashioned term derived because blacks are dark like a shade
Shadow Blacks Refers to color of skin
Shadow-Smurf Blacks They the darkest of all Smurfs.
Shaft Blacks Black man, from black exploitation film "Shaft"
Shaka Zulu Blacks Leader of the Zulu tribe in Africa located in present day Zimbabwe
Shamrock Nigger Irish Shamrocks represent Ireland's heritage
Shant Irish Poor Irish People. Derived from the shacks they lived in -- the shanty.
Sheeny Jews From Yiddish "shaine" or German "schon" meaning "beautiful".
Sheepie New Zealanders Well know for their habits with sheep
Sheep-Shagger Welsh/Scottish There's a myth that Scotsmen and/or Welsh have a thing for buggering sheep. The sheep are said to outnumber the people in both some European and Australian countries/states. On an interesting note, the first sheep was cloned in Scotland.
Sheister Jews Like a shyster lawyer. One who carries on any business, especially legal business, in a mean and dishonest way.
Shillelagh-Hugger Irish A shillelagh is a staff commonly use by the Irish
Shine/Shiner Blacks In reference to the shine their skin can sometimes give off. Also a 1920's main occupation, shoe shiners.
Shipping Cargo Blacks Refers to slave trading. Slaves to be shipped were packed inhumanly close.
Shiptar Albanians A derogatory term employed by Balkan Slavs (Croats, Serbs, Montenegrins and Macedonians) when referring to Albanians. However, its use parallels that of the word "nigger" in the United States. In that Albanians use the word "shiptar" to address/describe one another, while taking insult from its use by non-Albanians. Note: The word "shiptar" is most likely derived from the name of the Albanian language - "Shqiptar".
Ship-wrecked Mexican Puerto Ricans The island of Puerto Rico
Shit Hand Arabs Refers to the Arab custom of wiping one's butt with the left hand, rather than with toilet paper.
Shit-Eater Germans Feces eating is a fetish that originated in Germany, otherwise known as scat sex or shit sex eg. shit eating, rubbing shit, etc.
Shitheel Blacks Slang term for a Black servant. Southern origins.
Shitskin Blacks Color of skin.
Shit-Slinger Blacks A typical behavior of monkeys is to throw feces.
Shnozzle Jews They have large noses, or "shnozzes."
Shoe Dutch Name is derived from the wooden shoes they would wear.
Shoe Shiner Blacks Many shoe shiners in cities are black.
Shonnicker Jews Early 20th century American
Shoobie Canadians Reference to tourists from Canada who come to the shore. Also reference to any tourist.
Shovel Bosnians Many bosnians have large heads with flat facial features.
Shovel-Head Koreans Believed their heads look like shovels. Also shovel-face
Shuffalong Blacks Supposed to mean "shuffle along." Refering to lazy slaves.
Shvartz Blacks Yiddish (German origin) word for Black. Used neutrally and disparagingly.
Shvatsa Blacks Yiddish word for nigger
Shvooga Blacks Another word in Yiddish that means nigger
Shylock Jews Comes from Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice."
Sid Irish Small Irish Dick. Irishmen are proud of their manhood
Silverback Blacks Old Black. Silverbacks are the leaders in a pack of gorillas.
Silver-tip Swedes Many Swedes have hair so blonde that it appears silvery
Silvery Blacks Cockney rhyming slang for Coon - Silvery Moon - Silvery.
Simian Blacks Primate
Simpson Asians The Simpsons are yellow
Sir Mix A Lot Blacks They like big butts and they cannot lie...
Siwash Native Americans Originates from the French word Sauvage which means "savage"
Six Blacks In the times of political correctness this is a good way to say Nigger without getting jumped. I belive it has to do with 6 letters in the word nigger. To use in a sentence; "Hey, look at that 6 over there."
Six Point(er) Jews Six points on the star of David
Sixer Blacks On the U.S. census, African American is code number six on the list of ethnicities.
Six-nose Jews Jews have hooked or "six shaped" nose
Six-Weeker French Derogatory term used by Germans due to the quick collapse of France during WWII.
Ski Somalians Because they are thin (like skis)
Skier Polish A lot of Polish last names end with -ski
Skillet Blacks Refers to the color of iron skillets.
Skimo Eskimos Derogatory slang of 'Eskimo'.
Skinflint Blacks Skin appearance related.
Skinny Somalians Because of the time in 1992 where 300,000 somalians were starved. Used in the film Black Hawk Down (2002).
Skip Australians White Australians specifically. From "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo."
Skippy Poofter Australians Comes from ethnic immigrants; skippy meaning kangaroo and poofter is how aussies say someone is gay. So skippy poofter is common insult
Skunk Mixed Races White/Black mix
Slant Asians Facial description -- referring to the eyes.
Slantey-eye'd Asians Facial description -- referring to the eyes.
Slave Blacks Self-explanatory.
Slave Ships Blacks Refers to pregnant black women. The idea is that they are carrying many children packed tightly inside. Similar to a slave ship.
Sleeper Cell Arabs Terrorism-related
Sleepwalker Asians Small eyes appear to be closed, even during the day
Sleestack Blacks From "Land of the Lost." The Sleestacks were stupid, slow, and apparently very lazy. They could never catch Chaka.
Slide Blacks Used by some police. It was created so that they could refer to blacks in a derrogatory way and not get in trouble. Said because blacks 'slide' through everything - they're lazy. Also said, "part of the White Castle family" ('sliders').
Slim Somalians Same as "Skinnie"
Slingshot Palestinians They use slingshots as weapons
Slit Asians Another eye reference.
Sloat Vietnamese From French Indo-China [?]
Slope Asians Facial description, Self-explanatory. Also: Slopehead
Slope Head Asians Their faces are rather slopped
Slot Machine Asian their eyes look like coin slots
Slurpee Arabs Traditional convenience store employee.
Slurpee Jockey Indians Reference to convenience store franchises
Slurpee Nigger Arabs Operation of convenience stores, which sell Slurpees.
Slushee-Slinger Arabs In reference to how many Arabians deal slushees out of their convenience stores.
Smack Asians They look like they've been smacked in the forehead, giving a slope and a squint to their eye.
Smigger Blacks From the joke "what do you call a Black Smurf?"
Smoke Blacks From the similarity between their skin color and the color of smoke. Also from the way that they were said to be able to sneak around quietly, entering a room "like smoke".
Smoked Irish Blacks Irish, especially during the late 19th early 20th century, were thought of as no better than "niggers," and conversely, blacks were associated with them.
Smokefoot Blacks Color of feet.
Smoke-Signal Native Americans Many American Indians communicated by using smoke signals.
Smokestack Blacks Believed to originate in pre WW II Detroit. Comparison to the blackened smokestacks of the manufacturing plants.
Smokey Blacks Self explanatory
Smore Samoans Letters rearranged
Snail-Snapper French They eat snails
Snake Charmer Arabs Known to frequently "charm" Cobra snakes.
Sneakers Blacks They always come in pairs
Snigger (1) Arabs Short for Sand Nigger
Snigger (2) Blacks "Snow nigger." Black people seen on the ski slopes; a stereotype that they generally don't go skiing because they dislike the cold.
Snipcock Jews Henry Ford used it, reference to circumcision
Snipes Blacks Wesley Snipes is the blackest of the Black people.
Snob Blacks Blacks who can't afford cars and are always seen riding bikes: (S)illy (N)iggers (O)n (ikes
Snow Bird Canadians The Snowbirds are a group of Canadian airforce pilots who display their flying at air shows.
Snow Bird (2) Jews Refers to old Jewish retirees who transplant themselves to Florida. Although they move to the sunshine state, they stay indoors thus retaing their white color.
Snow Chink Eskimos They look fairly Asian and live in the snow
Snow Monkey Canadians Lots of snow in Canada
Snow Nigger Eskimos Self-explanatory.
Snowback Canadians Play on 'wet-back'.
Snowblower Eskimos An out-of-shape eskimo that breathes heavily after walking a few feet in the snow.
Snowflake (1) Blacks Was used to indicate an educated black man during the civil war; white collar blacks were pretty rare - only white people had desk jobs.
Snowflake (2) Jews When they would burn the Jews and the ashes would come out the smoke stacks. (See Schiendler's List)
Snowfrogs French Canadians French = frogs, living in Canada = snow
Soak Mexicans Much like a wetback, when they cross the Rio Grande river their backs get soaked.
Soap Dodger French From the French habit of not appearing to bathe regularly. Also France supposedly has the lowest per capita soap consumption in Europe.
Socket Face Asians Thier eyes are slitted, like the electrical sockets on a wall.
Soggy Cracker Mixed Races White/Mexican. Wetback and Cracker.
Sole Samoan Pronounced 'So Lee,' means "male" in Somoan.
Somppu Somalians Somali Refugee In Finland
Son Blacks Refers to the way blacks speak Ebonics and append the word "son" to every phrase/sentence.
Sooty Blacks Self-explanatory
Sortarican Puerto Ricans Mix of Puerto Rican and any other race. Read in National Lampoon.
Soul Food Blacks From the black drama "Soul Food."
Soup Mixed Races A person who has many different races in his blood.
Southern WindchimeBlacks During the days of the KKK many black people were hanged from th same tree.
Soutpiel English South Africa Afrikaans for 'salt dick' as English South Africans have one foot in SA, the other in UK, and dicks in ocean.
Soy Sauce Asians They love soy sauce
Soyback Asians Refers to Asains always using soy sauce
Spabook Blacks Used by Michael Jackson for some unknown reason
Spade Blacks The spades in decks of cards are black.
Spaghetti Vender Italians Self explanatory
Spaghetti-Slurper Italians Popular Italian dish and method of eating said dish
Spaghetti-Twister Italians Popular Italian dish and method of eating said dish
Spaghetto Italians Italians who act Black
Spanglish Hispanics Spanish-Americans; English-speaking Hispanics, also the language they speak.
Spear-Chucker Blacks Comes from the hunting styles of African tribal natives.
Spec Hispanics Baby Spic. See: Spic.
Special Meal Jews When a Jewish person gets a meal on a plane, it's from the kosher menu and a special meal not offered to regular passengers
Speed Demon Hispanics Amphetamines are popular among Hispanics.
Spegro Mixed Races Spanish/Black mix.
Spew Mixed Races Spanish/Jewish mix.
Spic Hispanics Short for Hispanic. Might also be acronym of SPanish, Indian, and Colored, coming from the mixed breeds that resulted from the union of Spanish colonists, Indian natives, and Black (colored) slaves. From the OED. spic A. n. a. A contemptuous and offensive name for a Spanish-speaking native of Central or South America or the Caribbean; a spiggoty. - It dates back (in print) to at least 1913. However, I understand it first applied to Italian immigrants in the late 1800s - More information: 1938 Amer. Speech XIII. 311/1 "Spiggoty" originated in Panama during Construction Days, and is assumed to be a corruption of 'spikee de' in the sentence 'No spikee de English'
Spic and Span Hispanics Self Explanatory
Spicaninny Mexicans Young Mexican girls. Combination form of Spic and Picaninny.
Spice Rubber Indians Because they use massive spices in their cuisine and they rub them on their bodies.
Spicet Fence Mexicans 10 Mexicans lined up side by side at the border.
Spickaboo Mixed Races Mexican/Black mix. Derived from 'Spic' and 'Jigaboo.'
SpicNic Hispanics Hispanics who pull over on the side of a main highway, pop the hood on their car, set up the volleyball net, sit on their coolers and have a picnic.
Spicracker Mixed Races Hispanic/White mix.
Spicy Cracker Mixed Races White/Mexican mix
Spider Italians Reference to a character in the film GoodFellas.
Spigger Mixed Races Hispanics/Black mix. Combination of 'Spic' and 'Nigger.'
Spike Mixed Races Jewish and Hispanic, Spic + Kike = Spike
Spink Mixed Races Spanish/Chinese mix. Combination of 'Spic' and 'Chink.'
Spivic Hispanics Often referred to Hispanics that drive Honda Civics
Spizzician Mixed Races Hispanic/Guatemalan mix. Pronounced "spizzz-ik-ien."
Splib Blacks Most likely origin comes from the 1960's as an acronym for: South Philadelphia Lower-Income Blacks.
Spliv Blacks Washington DC area police term
Spoda Blacks How blacks talk (ex.) "We ain't Spoda be here." (we aren't supposed to be here)
Sponge Head Blacks African's naturally bouncy/kinky hair, when uncut, tends to be big and poofy when dried out. When you sqeeze it it seems as if it would bounce back at release
Spook Blacks Because of their dark skin, which can blend into the night, making them ghost-like.
Spoon Blacks From the reflection you see when looking at a spoon. Originates from the shape of a Black person's nose
Spoonbill Blacks A spoonbill is a type of bird. Look at one and the origin will be obvious.
Spota Blacks (Pronounced Spoh-tuh) Stereotype of dumb inner city blacks' slang for supposed to. "Spota get a job. Spota take care of the kids. Spota not break the law."
Spread Mexicans They continue "spreading" across the United States.
Sprout Belgians Obscure Monty Python reference; take on "brussel sprouts", hence Belgians.
Spruce Monkey Native Americans Spruce forests
Spud Irish The heavy influence of the potato in Ireland.
Spudnigger Irish Irish/Potato relationship. Also, Spudpiffleer.
Sputnik Russians The world's first artificial satellite sent into space. Not really a heinous threat, but sounds that way.
Squanto Native Americans Name of a Native American who helped the English colonists in Massachusetts develop agricultural techniques and served as an interpreter between the colonists and the Wampanoag.
Squarehead (1) Scandanavians Shape of head, late 19th/early 20th century American word. Applies to all Scandinavians.
Squarehead (2) Albanians Many Albanians seem to have a square head
Squaw Native Americans Refers to Native American women. Usually thought to refer to a woman's vagina, but this is fairly controversial.
Squaw Hopper Native Americans Usually associated with natives, but also used for anyone in a relationship with a native female
Squint Asians Facial reference
Stable Boy Croats Their most common occupation in Austrian Empire. Betch-key ko-new-sharey, Serbian pronounciation.
Stacks Blacks From the movie Goodfellas, character Stacks Edwards, the only black character, manages to piffle up the heist.
Stallion Italians Like in the movie Rocky, Rocky an Italian, was know as the Stallion; perhaps from the English song, “Dicky Di Doh” - “She married and Italian / with balls like a bloody stallion...”
Stan Arabs AfghaniSTAN, PakiSTAN, etc.
Stein Jews Common name
Stepn Fetchit Blacks Stage name of American actor Lincoln Perry, type cast as a slow, uneducated & easily frightened Black man. Derogatory term also used to suggest the toady behavior of Black civil servants.
Still Falkland Islanders After British troops were forbidden to use the insulting term "Bennies", they named the Islanders "Stills" - because they were still Bennies.
Stinkian Armenians Odor
Stovelid Blacks A book from the 1950's set in Florida (_The Lotus Eaters_) used Stovelid, which makes some sense if you've ever operated a big wood stove - the lids are the disks set into the big holes on top (these eventually became burners when the design was refined to use gas or electric).
Stovepipe Blacks Stovepipes from wood-fired stoves get encrusted with black soot, hence the association.
Strange Fruit Blacks Coined by Blacks during slavery to refer to other Blacks who were hanged from trees. Used in a Billie Holiday song during the Civil Rights movement. See: Apple (2).
Strap Hangers Blacks When the whites were sitting on the bus, the blacks had to stand and hold onto the strap.
Street Cheetah Blacks A reference to the ghetto, i.e. uneducated Black criminals hanging around the streets day and night, along with the speed of young black males, like Cheetahs, the fastest animals in the jungle.
Sub-Human Blacks They are said to be the missing link between apes and humans.
Sudaca South Americans Used in Spain as a derogatory term for South American immigrants. Derived from the Spanish word for South American (sudamericano).
Sun Goblin Arabs Small, ulgly, vicious creatures of a sunny land
Sunarefa Arabs Used by Russian metal band Korrozia Metalla on the song (title translates to) "Kill The Sunarefa." Sunarefa refers to a Soviet brand of cold medicine. I do not know if Korrozia Metalla (Corrosion of Metal) were the first to use this slang or how it came about, but it seemed very widly understood among Russian youth.
Sunny Side Up Asians Refers to Asians who believe they are white on the inside and try to fit in with whites, but are really Asian and yellow on the outside. Sunnyside up has a white inside and yellow outside
Suntan Blacks Refers to their dark skin color.
Superfly Pacific Islanders WWF wrestler "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. Could be used for any dark-skinned individual.
Surrender Monkeys French Referenced by Groudskeeper Willy on the Simpsons
Suspect Blacks Self-explanatory.
Svenne Swedes Used by immigrants in Sweden about Swedes
Swami Indians A Hindu religious teacher.
Swamp Donkey Blacks Blacks from rural areas
Swamp Kike Cajuns It has been said that Cajuns are the Jews of Louisiana because of their propensity for commerce and finance. The slur is used by any non-Cajun, Black and White alike.
Swamper Blacks Refers to poor blacks who live in rural areas, especially if the area is predominantly white
Swamp-Runner Blacks Blacks running from slavery
Swap Mixed Races Italian/Mexican. Spic + Wop
Sway Blacks They tended to sway from trees back in the Civil War days.
Sweaty Blacks Perception that blacks appear sweaty and greasy.
Sweaty Sock Scottish Cockney rhyming slang -- Jock = Sweaty Sock
Swedish Meatball Swedes Greasy beef balls from Sweden.
Sweetback Blacks Name of Black Pimp in Melvin Van Peebles movie who kills white police and gets away with it, common aspiration of black ghetto youths
Swinger Blacks Blacks being hung
Swirlie Mixed Races Black/White mix.

Ec:7:16: Be not righteous over much; neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself?

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