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Seth Campbell 03-31-2013 02:00 AM

Duck Dynasty: The ONLY Godly Show on TV
As most of you know, I spend a lot of time on the road with work and therefore a lot of time sitting in hotel rooms flipping channels.

I came across this show Duck Dynasty, and it's actually a decent family show! I was amazed.

It follows the life of Phil Robertson a born again Christian man that PROVES how God will bless those who follow his plan.

Phil was drafted into the NFL back in the late 60's but turned down the fame and fortune to go fight the Unsaved Chinks and save our country from the stinking commies. When he came home, his high school sweetheart had faithfully waited for him, unlike most women who became whores instead. Unfortunately Phil fell into some dark times when he returned. Probably from all the stinking hippies calling him "baby killer" and all that other garbage.

His then Fiance Kay, did the Christian Woman thing (2nd Corinthians 7:14) . She told him that she would marry him if he would give up the booze and become a Christian, or he could choose to walk away from the relationship. She didn't nag him ( Proverbs 21:9), she just quietly gave him the choice.

Fortunately for him, he made the right choice and became a Christian.

God has indeed blessed his family for this, He is now a multimillionaire from something as simple as making duck calls. He is still a strong Christian. His wife fully supports him (although the son's wives can get a bit uppity at times), and they end every episode with a prayer.

Of course I won't let the family watch this show on TV as the sickular commercials are absolutely disgusting. But I have bought the first 3 seasons on DVD and some of the Duck Commander videos.

You know it's a good show because all of the sickular world hate it. They're called "inbred hillbillies", homeless bums (that one makes me laugh), gun fanatics, and so on.

I'm actually surprised it has lasted 3 years, although I hear season 4 is questionable. The Jew TV producers are probably trying to tell them to tone down the Christianity and Proper Family Values.

BelieverInGod 03-31-2013 05:06 AM

Re: Duck Dynasty: The ONLY Godly Show on TV
I have to say that I'm enjoying it.

So far my favorite episodes are when Phil (the patriarch) goes into his grandsons class and shows them how to clean a duck. Oh how the boys laughed at the children getting squeamish about it.

And the episode where Kay wants to run a restaurant. Phil keeps telling her she's being foolish, she keeps whining. So instead of smacking her (you know they wouldn't allow that on TV) he talks a friend into letting her run the restaurant for one day. Of course she makes such a mess of it that she learns her lesson and returns to her kitchen a humbled woman.

As Seth said, the son's wives are uppity. And there's a fair amount of hostility between them and their yuppie unsaved trash neighbors, but it's probably the best show since 18 kids and counting went off the air.

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