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Default Re: How My Little Pony destroyed my daughter's marriage. - 12-21-2016, 09:59 AM

Originally Posted by Pastor J.C. Manning, M.D., Ph.D. View Post
Dear Friends,

The meetings he went to, while neglecting his innocent wife and children, turned out to be "brony meets". These meetings apparently consist of grown man dressing like ponies (!) and having forbidden sex with each other. These "bronies" use social media to organize these meetings to have their Satanic orgies all under the false pretense of all liking the same silly children's cartoon. As if anyone would ever believe grown men could appreciate colored girly ponies. Clearly this is something completely different.

I am aware these images are shocking but please allow me to show some examples to make sure you see the severity:

As you can no doubt imagine, my daughter's and her children's life is now completely in shambles.
What the.... This only a minority.
1. That meetings for 99% are just like BronyCon
<<<link to homosexual propaganda removed by moderator>>>
Just a casual meeting with fans of the show.
They can talk about show, get new friends, buy toys (if someone is selling them). There is no sex at all. I don't know why someone would just think that this automatically will be something evil.

2. Most of them don't dress up like ponies. (only when for example there is contest on that meetings).

3. You should watch video relations from for example BronyCon. There is nothing strange in it.

Probably you just draw wrong conclusions.

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