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Default Re: How My Little Pony destroyed my daughter's marriage. - 12-30-2016, 08:21 PM

To start off, why would Joseph say things like tobacco is bad for the human body to try to convince people to join his faith. If anything that would have made him even less popular. And people only found out that tobacco is bad during world war 1 I think, might have been the Second World War. But my point is, saying that would have made people hate him more. And as for the whole black magic thing. You need to be careful what you read on the Internet. Black magic is prohibited in the church, and we have no record of him using black magic to find the golden plates. And switching spiritual and magic in any faith would make sense. You seem to forget the part where we share the same scriptures, we don't just read the Book of Mormon, we also have the King James Version of the bible. Same as you
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