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Default Re: Pokemon: (aka Poke-a-man) still a threat to families - 02-08-2008, 04:09 AM

Originally Posted by Datsihyu View Post
And on my second post here if you actually took the time to understand things, JIGGLYPUFF is in the story a cute, FEMALE character that loves to sing. I've SEEN that pikachu picture about two years ago, and it was photoshopped by the creator to make that lab mouse look like a pikachu. And everyone thought it was funny and cute. Use common sense not idiocy and your own beliefs. You're such a nutjob you make me LAUGH that you would go so far and think of perverted things. I've heard priests and pastors were perverts, maybe they are.
You sure are full of yourself. Next you'll tell us that you think Jerry Falwell was crazy for warning the public about the gay Teletubby. Thank Jesus that my parents heeded that warning, or my little brother might have caught the gay from that show.

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